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Fullmetal Alchemist DVD! Need... to... order...! O_O

DUDE! I just checked amazon.co.uk and they have finally put up the first FMA DVD for order....er...
....but I can't order it YET, not until they get up the option to actually order it new >>; I'll check tomorrow for that and hopefully I'll get it by this time next week (*Which will be handy cos I have that week off work*)
They even list the starter set, the one with the 1st OST (*Squeals happily*) I'm a happy little fangirl!!
I would have prefered to get it in region 2 really so I can play it on my computer but who KNOWS when England will actually get the damn DVDs and even then we'll most likely NOT get the starter set, so I'd rather order it from America, I'll one day have my DVD player in the same room as my Computer anyway....one day....
....remind me to bug my dad so we can start work on the spare room, I believe he has a few days off that week too XD It'll be nice to have some extra room in this room too once the computer is moved into the other.

Hummm, nothing much else to report besides that I've been working on PDU's Yu-Gi-Oh page just cos I felt like it XD Did some bios for smaller characters in GX and did a bit more on the manga page *lol* I really need to find out a way how people get it so when you click on different parts of an image it takes you to different links, I'd like to have that for the splash page :p

Okay enough rambling, I should actually go to bed before 12am... XP
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