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General "new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh" feedback ramble :D

So after discovering last weekend that Nickolodeon was ahead of Sky One with Yu-Gi-Oh episodes (*Again*) I've been trying my best to get up and watch the new episodes this weekend (*Since we get four yes FOUR episodes, two on Saturday, two on Sunday*) Missed most of the first episode and the next three were pretty much "OMG! Valon Vs. Joey" and I'll admit, I lose intrest in duel episodes that are more than two episodes long XD Plus Valon was starting to annoy me with his little armor tricks "OMG! This has a special effect, and this does and this..." so yeah... I lost a lot of attention during that duel XD
Valon is kinda cute though, but annoying with all his "I have to prove myself to Mai!!" :D :D :D
Get it through your thick armor head that she doesn't want anything to do with you, geez! *rolls eyes*

They also mentioned on Janime that valon's flashback should have had more to it, like a church, a nun, kids and a fire...*shrugs* I could tell something was missing from it, like an explanation to WHY he was in a detention center >>;

The scene where Kaiba bought a car was funny XD *Simply writes a cheque and gives it to the car salseman*
Salesman: - (*As Kaiba drives off*) Well there goes my job... (*Looks at the amount on the cheque*)...O__________O

Other than that I'm actually feeling much better today so I haven't a clue what was up with me yesterday >>;
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