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Feeling ill + Juudai Sketch YAY!

All day I have felt so sick and tired and my throat feels all weird...
...I think I'm officially getting a cold which wouldn't suprise me, a few people at work have had it lately >>;
As long as this one doesn't last a month like the last one did...
It's also effecting my appitate, I really don't feel as hungry as I normally do since I haven't eaten much today at all... ya know I'm ill when I don't wanna eat much -_-;; Blah....
...I just hope I don't get it so bad I have to take time off work, I already had like two days off last year thanks to the other cold and I don't think they like people taking too much time off work sick, I guess if the others who've had colds can bare it so can I...
....then I think "Oh crap, my 8-hour shift is on Monday..." >>; If I go and I have a cold that is going to feel like one hell of a long shift...

Guess I'll see what happens XP

Oh well I took a break from the computer and started drawing downstairs, though since I feel so icky I didn't have the patiance to draw anything good and the best thing I did was this sketchy Juudai XD

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