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Blah, ya know, my stomach has been feeling really off this past week. I keep getting random pains here and there and it's been making me feel, well, just blah...guess I've just upset it with something, plus my back has decided to start hurting again... >>; Sucky...
...I really wish I could be more active, that's the problem with my back, it's cos I don't really move around all that much, but with no place to go I have no reason or way to be more active and it's too cold to ride my bike or even go for a walk ;_;

I must remember to enter the fanart contest the VA for Roy Mustang (*Dub version of FMA of course*) is holding on his Live Journal X3 I need to do one picture of Roy in one of the following catogaries: Drama, Comdey or Action... not sure which one to do but I think I'll go for action XD I won't win, but ya never know until you try! I could do more pictures but I really only have the time for one X_x;
I've been needing an excuse to draw Roy anyway *lol*
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