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Just though I'd post this picture I just drew:


Don't ask, I think Bakura is trying to teach May about Duel Montsers, but that's like trying to teach a Brick Wall how to Bark XD
BAKURA: - Okay lets start, this is a Duel Monster Card....
MAY: - (*Panicing*) It's confusing already!

It's just one part of a bigger picture I'm planning of random anime characters having fun in some field or other, dunno, the idea came from these Digimon story book scans I found on the WTW message board which has different characters from the seasons having fun and interacting between each other and thought it would be cool to so a picture like that but with different anime characters XD
Or I may just leave it like this once I get Skitty in there too XD Who knows!

I must sleep now....
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