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More sketchy-drawing-ness~!

I need an art opinion before I ink Daichi for the group picture XD

His arms? Are they too long? Too short? Just right? In a terrible un-natrual position? Okay I just need to know if it looks right to people. I asked my dad and as usual he didn't offer too much in the way of help. First he did say his arms looked too long but after we both went through somewhat measuring the arm holding the spraycan we found out that it could be at the right length X_x;
To me I'd say the other arm is the problem, that doesn't look right to me...
Yeah I know his fingers on the spraycan need work XD

Other than that I love the way the picture looks X3 The casual outfit I chose for him suits him perfectly, plus it ain't too bad for my first time drawing everyone's favoruite uberly smart Ra Yellow student X3

And if anyone is curious this is what the group piccie looks like so far with just Juudai, Hane Kuriboh, Asuka and Shou:

I have a feeling perspective is a little out on it cos perspective is my worst enemy in art XD but I only put it together to see how it would look so far and to make sure everyone would fit together which they do, just needs tweaking a little. So I may redo the composition once again when I have everyone :D I think one thing that needs changing is I should put Hane Kuriboh behind Shou instead of in front, since Hane Kuriboh is kinda behind Juudai and Juudai is behind Shou and.....oh boy confusing XD

Oh well, time to get ready for work, at least I have tomorrow off X3
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