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Defense against the Shadow Realm

More GX rambling just cos I can XD

I was just visiting Janimes site when I noticed that some more episode titles and stuff had been put up for GX :D All I have to say was the Juudai VS Manjoume opposite school duel was quite predicatble, all evidence was pointing to it really, but at least this means we get lots more episodes with Manjoume YAY!
But the ones that really intrest me are the two episodes called "An extra-cirricular class is a Shadow Duel?" (*Why is it that I see that and I automaticlly think "Defense against the Shadow Realm" classes....or "Defense against the Shadow Games" classes if ya don't want to use a dub term, personally I love the Shadow Realm *lol*)

But what really grabs my attention as an all too obvious Juudai fangirl is this line in the first shadow duel episode: "Anyway, this is a shadow game, so Juudai can feel the real pain"
Me likes, me likes XD
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