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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 18 - OMG!!11! It's Yugi's Deck!!1!

Newest GX Parodies!


I must warn you, this is the last time I host these on Angelfire, they've already gotten wise to one of my accounts and shut it down and I don't really want that to happen again with this one I have left, but thing is I'm now left with nowhere to host files. I tried a place called youshareit (*It's just like yousendit where you upload a file for people to download*) but all I keep getting is stupid "Page cannot be displayed" messages and it's not sending an e-mail to me with the download links ;_;

If anyone, ANYONE has an idea WHERE I can upload video files that are under 10MB then please please tell me, or I can't show these parody dubs anymore >>;

Anyway I had fun with the first parody :D I was playing with a thing on my video program which allows me to make my voice deeper so I tried it out on ze Yugi wannabe :D Plus the parody itself is the most fun one I've done since the Harry Potter/Manjoume's pr0n one *lol*


So we start the episode with Juudai walking on his lonesome down a corridor when he comes to a rather large group of people, joining them and Daichi he seems interested to know what's going on as he tries to take a peek. He sees that one of the people dueling is a Ra Yellow student (*His name is Kaguraza or something like that, can't be bothered to look it up, he's the Yugi wannabe anyway*) he then looks to the other side and sees that his opponent is none other than Shou. Juudai asks his friend what's going on and Shou points out several posters of Yugi/Yami on the shop wall. Seems like Yugi's deck is making an appearance at the academy and oh BOY is Juudai excited at that idea!
He's so excited in fact that he spaces out while staring at the poster and doesn't even notice Shou waving his hands in front of his face XD
Juudai you are such a fanboy *lol*

So anyway Shou recaps on Yugi's achievements such as beating Pegasus and winning Battle City. From what I've read, the God Cards are NOT in this deck (*Even if Yugi still had them I doubt he'd be stupid enough to send them off to an academy since, ya know, they're supposedly so uberly powerful*) But this deck does have the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl ;)
Anyway Shou is dueling the Yugi wannabe for a ticket to see the deck. Juudai looks at Shou as if to say "You were getting the ticket for yourself?" but Shou already HAS a ticket, he's winning the second one for Juudai (*How cute is that*)
Anyway he tells show Good luck and Shou carries on with the duel.

Had to put this piccie in cos it's just too adorable (*Pokes Juudai's expression*)

Anyway it's the Yugi wannabe's turn and as he speaks to activate something or whatever he sounds....well....kinda like Chronos. Poor Juudai is getting a sense of Deja Vu. Daichi, who seems to surprise Juudai when he speaks, tells Juudai that the Yugi wannabe has a Chronos copy deck. So he has those token things or whatever they were and then is able to summon Antique Gear Golem, just like in the duel between Juudai and Chronos and everyone is like "Oooooooooooh!"
But Shou is ready and activates some effect or whatever that his "Jetroid" has, which seems to allow him to play a trap card, and he plays one called "Magic Cylinder" which fires the attack right back at the Yugi wannabe which makes his life points go to 0.
Afterwards Shou is all like "YAY! I WON!!"
After Juudai congratulates him he gets the second ticket and everyone leaves, a lot of them making not very nice comments in Kagu-whatsits direction. After they all leave Daichi talks to the Yugi wannabe with all happy smiles but he just tells Daichi to be quiet and soon runs off.

That night the Yugi wannabe is having a bit of an anger fit in his dorm room, pushing books and paper off the desk it's them a flyer for the viewing of Yugi's deck floats in front of him.....ooooh this spells bad times.

Back at ze osiris Red Dorms, Juudai is quietly looking at his Hane Kuriboh card while laying on the desk while Shou is yapping about something happily, probably about the duel he won, but Juudai seems a little vacent. He then decides that he wants to see if they can sneak a peek at the Duel King's deck and Shou doesn't seem all that happy about it as Juudai looks at him hopefully then playfully pokes him in the face in the hopes to convince him (*That is the most ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!*)

Anyway we then see two people hand the keys over to Chronos for the case containing Yugi's Deck, but then Chronos gets in there the case is smashed and the deck is gone. Juudai and co are running through the corridors when they end up running into Daichi who seems to of had the same idea as them, then they hear one massive "MAMA MIA!!!" come from the room beside them, they recognize it as Chronos' voice so they run in. There they see Chronos standing by the smashed case. Both Daichi and Juudai are a little shocked and Shou is all like "It can't be! Chronos-sensei!" and with that Chronos starts shaking his head in defense of himself XD The kids are about to leave to report it when Chronos somehow manages to tackle all FOUR of them to the ground at the same time *lol* Soon enough Chronos shows them the keys he has to the glass case so they realize he definitely didn't take the deck at all, so they decide to set out and search for the culprit who did. I think this is the happiest I've ever seen chronos while Juudai is around him XD He's in tears and everything!

Next we see the Yugi wannabe looking at Yugi's cards when he's soon found and confronted by Shou. The yugi wannabe throws him a duel disk wanting to duel Shou. We return to Juudai, Hayato and Daichi who find each other but then hear Shou scream, they get to the scene where Shou is on his back and the Yugi wannabe is standing triumphant. (*Ya know I only noticed this on the second viewing of this episode, but the Yugi wannabe has a kind of Millennium Puzzle motif on his shirt XD*)
Anyway Juudai leaps on to a nearby rock thing telling him to give the deck back but it doesn't seem like the Yugi wannabe wants to give it back anytime soon so Juudai asks Shou to give him the Duel Disk and tells the other guy that if he wins then he has to give the deck back.

So the Duel starts with Juudai's turn and he plays Burst Lady in defense mode. For his turn the Kagu-whatsit guy pulls a fusion right off the bat and fuses er....Gazelle and Burfomet (*Unsure on spellings*) to create the Chimera one then totally 0wns Burst Lady. Anyway after Daichi talks a lot and seems to compare Kagu-whatsit to Yugi himself, juudai takes his next turn and decides to make a fusion of his own, which is Sparkman and Clayman into Thunder Giant. With that he takes out the Chimera monster but the Yugi wannabe gets Burfomet back in defense mode so Juudai has Thunder Giant take that monster out too. With that the Yugi wannabe plays a face down card then plays some card where he seems to sacrifice one card in his hand to retrieve a monster from his graveyard, in this case, Gazelle.
He then plays the swords of revealing light (*I love that card for some reason *lol*)
So Juudai is now blocked for three turns XP

Anyway Juudai plays Dark Cataplulter but then the Yugi wannabe plays a trap card, one which he has to sacrifice two monsters (*From either side*) to bring a certain monster (*A magic one?*) back from his graveyard? I am SO unfamiliar with the cards and what they do >_< But lets say juudai doesn't understand cos the only two IN his graveyard are Chimera and Burfomet but the Yugi wannabe explains that when he played the magic card earlier on he sacrificed the Dark magician....
So he sacrifices Gazelle and Dark Caterpulter to bring out the Dark magician!

Anyhoo, for his next turn Juudai only puts Thunder Giant in defense mode and ends his turn.

Anyway the Yugi wannabe activates some magic card that makes a bunch of knifes appear before him and on the command of the dark Magician they fly at Thunder Giant, destroying it. He then has the Dark magician do a direct attack on juudai.

Oh well next juudai plays Friendog which the Dark magician destroys but at least this means Juudai gets an E-Hero and Fusion card back from his graveyard. The E-Hero he receives back is Burst lady. So he plays Burst lady and a card face down....he's looking to be able to call out Edgeman. Anyway for this turn the Swords of Revealing Light ends and the Yugi wannabe takes his turn, he declares an attack with the Dark Magician but Juudai activates a trap which seems to allow the Yugi wannabe to choose a card and he chooses Edgeman and Juudai is all "BINGO!" XD;;
So therefore he calls forth Edgeman who is strong enough to take out the Dark magician...
....but the Yugi wannabe....laughs...
He sacrifices the Dark Magician to bring out the er....Magician of black chaos is it? I have no idea ^^; Oh well all ya need to know is that it's stronger than Edgeman so Edgeman gets owned big time taking Juudai's lifepoints down to 1300, and oh boy does Juudai look pissed XD

And the episode ends with Juudai realizing how this duel is just like dueling against Yugi himself. O_o; Scary.

In the next episode, Shou makes eyes at the Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh and Hane Kuriboh might make appearances (*YEAH! Please lets see some Kuriboh VS. Hane Kuriboh that would be way too awesome, FIGHTING FLUFFBALLS!*) Juudai also seems to play his skyscraper card too XD Awesome! Awesome!

Well that's it for now :D

EDIT: I was an idiot and put episode 19 instead of 18, corrected it now XD
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