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Rants, Ramblings and a picture...YAY!

Damn you Spybot! Why do you crash everytime I tell you to get rid of the Spyware you find! Why all of a sudden do you do this? Oh yeah and Norton Anti Virus, you can detect Adware but can never get rid of it, what the hell is up with that!? (*Good thing I have Ad-aware, but still....*)

Also damn you telephone sales people! If I say I'm not intrested it means I am NOT INTRESTED! It is not an indication for you to ask why I'm not intrested even if whatever crap you're trying to give me is "free"

I also wonder what my dad has been ordering. I heard something come through the letterbox while I was in the shower and being Wednesday I thought it was the newspaper but apparnetly it was a parcel O_o; And they "hid it in our back garden behind the bush" That's the first time I've ever known them to do that for a long time XD But it's kinda muddy now *lol* Huge parcel too O_o;

Oh well, enough of my random ramblings, here's a pretty picture! (*To go with the Asuka and Juudai ones posted yesterday*)

One of the characters at least had to wear some hoodie thing cos I like drawing characetrs in those kinda clothes *lol* Makes him look cute and reminds me of the pictures I've drawn of Yugi in a similar outfit.

No GX up for download yet XP Ah well, I'll just have to get it after work and maybe get up early tomorrow to watch it, depending on how long it takes to download ^^;
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