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Another useless entry from me (*Yeah, seriously, I have nothing intresting to say today*) This is just a little art dump cos I've been doing nothing but drawing for the last few hours XD

These pictures I'm hoping to be able to put into one whole group picture, but if that fails to look right I'll just colour them sepretly XD I plan on drawing all the main kids in their own little outfits, so far I've done Juudai and Asuka, just Shou, Manjoume, Daichi, Ryou and Hayato to go ^^;

If you saw the illustration for one of my fic drabbles a few entries down you'll notice this is the same/similar outfit Juudai is wearing in that one, except this one has obviously more detail XD
Yes, it took me AGES to work out his hand that is holding the card O_____o;
Hane Kuriboh came out so cuddly looking! X3

I want her Duel Academy bandana <3

I have also finally inked my piccie of Toboe, so that's in the works too. As for my Bleach picture, just Rukia's umbrella and the boat to colour now XD

Also changed some of my user icons again (*The annoyance of only being able to have 3 >_<*) Now I'm using the Juudai twirly card one and one of Ichigo :D
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