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What was with all the Bridges!?

Ya know, last night I had the most bizarrest Yu-Gi-Oh GX dream about episodes 18-19 XD

First off I dreamt that the Yugi they showed in the preview WAS Yugi but it was just a short clip of him at the begining (*It didn't show his face again XD*) then it skipped to Juudai dueling some Obelisk Blue guy (*Okay wasn't he supposed to be dueling someone from Ra Yellow?*) and Juudai was pretty much getting 0wned. He managed to bring out Hane Kuriboh level 10 and thought to himself that he'd win so easilly with that but when he attacked the Obelisk Blue guy pulls some trap or other XD Who cares, my dreams make no sense! Juudai didn't even play Hane Kuriboh Lv. 10 right, in my dream he summoned it as a seperate monster from Hane Kuriboh and it appeared as a red/purple looking Kuriboh and then played that "Wings of evolution" magic card first because the regular Hane Kuriboh "Wanted him to play it" then kinda fused both the monster and the card together....WTF?

Anyway then the building they're dueling in kinda starts to collapse so they all run out of there, then the preview for the next episode plays and I see Yugi, playing it back you see the whole group walking in a line. Right behind them is little Yugi (*Yeah he shrank again*) who has Fireworks tied to his back O_o; Then Yami catches up with him. The two talk on a bridge and Yugi keeps wanting to call him "Yami" but keeps correcting himself and calls him "Kon"
WTF? Modified Soul? XD;;
Then there was something about me being in a forest and all, then a bird crapped on my head (*Just my luck, ne?*) at the time I'm with Yami....er....Kon and I tell him it's no bother cos I can just wash it off before we get to where ever we're going. I get to a bridge and there is this shower on the wall beside it, so I wash my hair while hanging my head over the bridge XD I almost fall in too *lol*

Hummm, there was another dream about my dad going through a carwash and I have to walk around to the other side of it but my way is blocked by some kind of shutter. Another guy wants to get through too and so grabs some chains, throws it over a small orange vechile then tries to find a key *Shrugs* Dunno what he was doing but I realized on my own that the shutter could come open so I walked through and waited for my dad, then I wondered off and came back while my dad was looking for me (*Over a bridge as if to say "Did she fall in?". Damn there were a LOT of bridges in these dreams*) the bridge is pretty big and pretty but the water has all sorts of junk in it X_X; Then my dad proceeds to tell me that someone had found something wrong with the car so the car wash took longer than expected.

Yes....you may all fear for my sanity. Well I'm sure most of you do already XD

Dude! It's the 1st of Feburary already!? O___O;
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