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OMG! Small....parts of a fanfic....YAY?

Hey remember that Yugioh DM/GX crossover fic I mentioned (*Er, the second one where I'm just writing out random fic bunny ideas for it and just placing them into a webpage until I at least get a story out of it*) Well I uploaded the first few and you can read them here:


You won't know exactly what's going on cos they're random and take place at different times so here is a small guide:

[A Begining] - This section will be the start of the fic, explains what happens and how Yugi meets Juudai right up to the part where they leave on their journey to find their friends ect.

[Seek the Duelist Paradise] - This takes place about a year later [Yugi is aged 20, Juudai is 16] and follows their journey as they're told about a place where duelists, who aren't welcome in many places, can go and basiclly hide out. So it's the stories right up to reaching there and leaving again. Characters that will defintly appear are: Mai, Shou, Daichi, Seto, Mokuba

[A Journey's Continuing Steps] - Pretty much takes place right after the last part where Yugi and Juudai attempt to find the remaining missing friends of theirs but with now added help from the Duelist Paradise (*Or the secret hideout Kaiba built in just one year XD*)This part pretty much is leading towards Yugi's 21st birthday and Juudai's 17th. Characters that I KNOW will appear in this part are: Joey, Tristan, Tea, Asuka, Ryou and Fubuki

[Fight for an End] - Final fight with the creatures who have been pretty much terrorizing the world....I have no ideas for this part right now X_x; I might have another slight time jump though.

To help you understand some things I have some notes to explain things you may come across in the rambles I post:

- The world they're in is a combination of their own and the Duel Monsters worlds. They were forced together by a character I'm currnetly only calling "The Master" just a big uber bad Duel Monster. He and his minions have a hate for humans and any duel monster that associates with humans.

- Juudai, for some reason, can sense these uber bad monsters if they're nearby, well, much sooner than anyone else can XD

- Also when both dimensions were combined to one, it killed off a lot of humans and left a lot with bad health, some dieing soon afterwards. Some though made it through okay. Juudai WOULD have made it through okay, but since he was hurt pretty badly at the time it happened he was effected slightly so whenever he's run down, be starts feeling rather ill aswell (*This explains why Yugi is concerned about him at the end of "Accused"*)

And yeah, the characters are very out of character, I'm trying my best to keep them as in character as I can XD Not working well but never mind.

Yeah the stories will grow and make more sense as they do XD Then once I can get some chapters out of it I'll put them together.
Well it's a new way to write a fanfic, getting down all the random scenes I have in my head first instead of writing towards them *shrugs* Just enjoy the random fic rambles XD

Ah and here is a picture I attempted to illustrate for the ramble "Pilgrim Snow" which didn't come out all that great but it's cute as hell. SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Yeah...I'm weird XD

EDIT: Oh yeah, just like to say congratulations to the very clever person who posted a hentai picture as a comment to this entry. Your comment was deleted and you've become the first official person to be banned commenting on my journal :D YAY FOR YOU!
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