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New headphones + Bleach MP3s

YAY! I have new headphones! <3 Finally I can hear music in both ears again XD
I also got some more CDs for burning anime onto and some cartidges for the printer. My dad also now owes me money cos we got him a printer while we were there *lol*
I managed to drag him into Toys R Us as well but they have had a bit of a re-arrange around and they don't have very much in the way of Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh stuff at all >>; That sucked. (*Can't wait until GX gets dubbed so she can get a figurine of Juudai*) If they make one that is XD I'm sure they will *lol*

Got the full MP3 Versions of the Bleach Opening song and second ending song....
....the Opening song sounds better on the TV Version ^^; And the 2nd ending song is so pretty~!
I didn't think the opening theme was coming out until next month? *Thinks* Unless the version I have was ripped from the music video I've seen around, could be *shrugs* Oh well, at least it's a full version X3
Now all we need is an OST for the Background Music :D :D :D :D

I also learned that I should never eat cake for breakfast ^^; (*Has been feeling rather sickly all day cos of that*)
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