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Learning about Duel Monsters~!

After finding a site named http://www.yugioh-cards.net I decided it was a good place to look at cards and learn all about the Duel monsters I otherwise know nothing about.
WOW! There's so many XD Some will do wonders for my fanfic <3
So far, I like the Calligraphy writing Goblin I found XD *dies*
The "Vs. Yugi's deck" episodes in GX will help too, cos it'll at least let me know what kind of cards Yugi has in his deck during the GX season~! Wheee!

Also, I need new headphones again, the sound on mine keeps cutting out on the right side -_-;; I already asked my dad if we could go to PC world to pick up some new ink cartriges for the printer and he said that we would, then I asked him just half an hour ago which day he wanted to go and he's all like "Humph, I'm not sure, blah blah blah..." like he's now completely dis-intrested.....he does that a lot >>;
I need to get out of this house and do something!! >_<
Plus it gives me a good excuse to drag him into Toys R Us....
....what, they might have some new Pokémon stuff XD

Dude....I'm tired....
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