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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 17 - WTF!? It's TARZAN!

This weeks GX Parodies are up:


My version of the preview really does suck ass again, the best part is Shou being a fanboy when he says the episode title (*Talking of episode titles I've FINALLY figured out how to make subtitles and stuff show up much better in the program I use, so now I have the episode title I choose written over the original one, just cos I can XD*)
Oh yeah and Tome-san's voice changed between two clips, the second one she sounds like Chronos almost the first one she actually sounds more like an old lady. I did the second one first so that explains it and I couldn't be bothered to re-record her lines with the new voice XD;;

Anyway onto this weeks review.

Well I had hoped this episode would be an improvement on last weeks but....it wasn't. Never mind, it was still fun XD
Still, it's the start of the Yugi's deck episodes next week!!! Eeeeee!

So we start this episode with Juudai and Shou running franticly down the hallway and into a room full of Osiris Red and Ra Yellow students. In there is a cartful of something, a cart with a big red question mark on it. Juudai and Shou run right up to it and start looking around. Basically the cart is full of bread with different fillings, but you don't know what those fillings are until you open and eat it (*Sucks if you're allergic to one of the fillings then, huh?*) But ya see the academy has a hen that lays golden eggs (*WTF? Jack and the Beanstalk anyone?*) and in this collection of mysterious bread is some bread with the egg filling made from this golden egg and it's like the most popular one or something O_o;
But here Juudai picks one of the mysterious breads, rips off the packaging and then falls to his knees in defeat for it wasn't the egg bread. (*All this over an egg sandwich?*)
Anyway Asuka is standing behind them with TWO pieces of the mysterious bread in her hands XD Juudai wonders if she's after the egg bread aswell and see gets all flustered and denies it (*Why be embarrassed over looking for an egg sandwich? Silly Asuka*) Anywayhoo, then Tome-San, the owner of the card shop and whatever comes up to them apologizing as there is no egg bread today, somebody keeps stealing it.
So what do ya know, Juudai's "Scooby-Gang" have found themselves another mysterious case to take on! :D


*Nibble, Nibble*

"I think mine was poisioned...

That night we find Juudai, Shou, Hayato and Asuka all sat in the back of Tome's shop. Shou and Juudai are playing some card game (*In which Juudai obviously is good at today*) Asuka is reading a book sat by herself and on the walls are posters of some guy who looks like he could be Austin Powers' younger brother, no it's true, he DOES look like that XD
Anyway Tome comes in with a plate pull of rice balls for everyone (*Or y'know, sandwiches/cakes/fish/CD's whatever 4Kids likes to call them XD*) Hayato looks like he's just gonna die of happiness as he looks at them, but Juudai steps in and "draws" the first one, biting into it then having the urge to show everyone what filling was in his (*It was something orange*) He does give quite an adorable smile when he does this though.

"Which one to pick..."

Austin Powers' better looking younger brother? YEAH BABY!

"I got strange orange stuff in mine!!"

Okay so playing with rice balls aside, we soon get to them hiding as a mysterious and rather buff looking figure walks up to the shutters of the shop. Juudai, Shou and Hayato are hidden under the table, Asuka seems to be hiding in a locker and Tome under the desk with the computer on. Then they hear a noise so the all come out of hiding and go to the door. Ya know, if they can't be spotted behind the door anyway, why'd they hide in the first place?
So anyway they watch as this figure lifts up the shutter and crawls under it (*Aren't they there to STOP thefts?*) So after the guy starts rummaging around in the pile of mysterious bread juudai and co let themselves known. The buff guy just screams like Tarzan, jumps in one of the carts and rides off, smashing through the shutter (*That had to hurt O_o;*)


So they start the chase, but eventually this guy escapes them by....swinging on some vine thing.....just like Tarzan XD;; So there is the Tarzan wannabe swinging through the trees, only to spot that juudai and co have somehow gotten ahead of him so he swings over them, lands on the ground then proceeds to climb up a waterfall, only stopping when he hears Tome's voice, afterwards he falls off the waterfall XD
The guy's name is "Taizen" (*What a surprise XD*) And he's an Obelisk Blue student.
Seems like this guy was quite bad at drawing what he wanted, be it at Duel Monsters or trying to get the egg bread...he also had a really bad bowl-cut hairstyle >>;
So afterwards Taizen managed to grow long hair and muscles as he trains in the wilderness to improve his draw. Jogging through snow, eating poisonous mushrooms, drenching his Duel Monster cards by sending them over the waterfall so he can pick the ones he wants....yeah it's all good, it's all good....
....(*Crazy insane person...*)

"I have bad hair...."

"Guah...It tastes like BURNING!"

Then Juudai and Taizen duel for no real particular reason....
....yeah these are the duels that are boring....when they're dueling for no reason, at least in the last episode Juudai was dueling for some kind of reason and something WAS on the line if he lost (*Hane kuriboh that is*) but this is just Juudai and taizen showing off their manly "Draw" skillz...
Though Taizen has this huge ass thing with a big steam roller like wheel on it which, when it runs over Featherman and Friendog, it squishes them flat cartoon style XD Juudai also gets some fancy animation.
I'm not even gonna bother explaining this duel....it was boring XP
Juudai wins!


I'm only posting this picture cos the look he has on his face is awesome XD

"Holy crap, that's big!"


Again, awesome expression XD

Anyway Taizen goes back to the academy and reverts back to his slightly more lanky, geeky look (*WTF did he do with his hair and muscles!?!*) He and Juudai walk up to the mysterious cart full of bread as they start to rumage around...
....too bad Asuka gets it and she's HAPPY!!

We must find the EGG BREAD!


Erm....the end XD

Oh well not the best episode but the Yugi's deck episodes are up next!! Eeeee!
In the preview there is like a hallway and room with posters of Little Yugi and Atemu all over the walls O_o; And it seems Juudai, Shou, Hayato and Daichi try to sneak in to take an early peek at it, only to find Chronos looking horrified and the deck gone XD
Then right at the end they show Yugi? OMGWTFBBQ! (*Well it's the bottom half of his face....again....*)
Actually a lot of people are excited over thinking Juudai is dueling against him but seriously, as much as I want Yugi in these episodes, somewhere, I doubt it's really him, that's what the preview WANTS you to think....besides he has the chain for the Millennium puzzle around his neck soooo.....yeah...>>;
Like I said on Janime's board, I think either Juudai is imaging Yugi there cos the guy he's dueling against pretty much has yugi's dueling style.....or the guy who stole Yugi's deck took his study of him too far and likes to cosplay in duels....
....part of me really hopes and wishes Yugi would be secretly watching the duel but I doubt that'll happen, it would be really sweet if he seemed to be keeping tabs on Juudai, secretly watching him from a far ya know. That would rock, but Something tells me Yugi is nowhere near the island....which is stupid of him to let his deck go that far out of his sight, but we know how trusting Yugi is (*Shrugs and sighs*)

It's like some Yugi fangirl's bedroom....

OMFG! GUESS WHO!? But is it really who you think it is ;)

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