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Today I Was Amused XD

YAY! Finally Naruto episode 72 has come out in a small file :D Must download and watch!

Today I have probably laughed more than I ever have done on a Sunday (*I'm usually gloomy on a saturday due to having to get up early and go to work*) but a LOT of stuff really cracked me up this morning...
...first of all the new Pokémon Episode "A Hole Lotta Trouble" is defiantly one of the funniest Advanced episodes I've seen yet, again one of those "twerps and Team rocket gets mixed up and they have to work together" kinda episodes...think "Forest Grumps" but put them in a cave full of angry cranky Aron (*Think that's how you spell it*) Instaed of them being in a forest of randy bears XD Poor Team Rocket they were seperated between three different groups and each had a bit of a moan about the others but then they were reunited they hugged each other and cried that they were glad each other were safe....that was just too darn sweet XD
I must do an episode guide for that episode cos it was CRAZY!

Okay after Pokémon it was double new episodes of Yugioh on Nickolodeon, or however you spell it, I choose to watch it on there instead of Sky One cos Nick is well ahead of sky one...Sky's still on the whole Noa thing, Nick's getting into the final Battle City....er...battles XD A 4 way duel amuses me a lot especially on the second episode when something like this happened:

YUGI: - Ah-Ha Seto is wide open I'm going to attack his life points directly ATTACK!
SETO: - Ha! No way I activate this Trap Card and deflect the attack to Marik cos he's an ass
MARIK: - Nah, now I activate my trap card, mirror thing, and deflect the attack back to Yugi.
YUGI: - Hahaha, you'd think so but I play this other trap, seven something or other and get rid of your mirror thingy so it hits you!
MARIK: - Crap....

Okay that was my version of it cos I couldn't remember exactly what they said but you get the jist of it, it just amused me how they were just deflecting that attack to each other XD

Then there was the sex-education on Nickolodeon....yes there WAS sex-eductaion on Nickolodeon... I almost died when I saw it XD Some 13 year old girl yapping on in some overlly cheesy way with many many props about how your body changes and didn't leave any details out I can assure you *dies laughing* I really cracked up when she was stood in front of the Male and Female manakins (*with "censored" bars over ...certain bits...*) and she was like "And you grow hair HERE!" and stuck with wig like thing on the .... ahem....down below part of the dummy...
...yes, I'm amused by such little things XD I mean I walked in looked at the TV turned to my dad and said "Why are they teaching sex education on Nickolodeon?" HA! Guess they don't trust the schools to do it :p

I was also slightly praised at work today for the first time ever! XD Marie, one of the in charge type people's, said I did a good job on dessing the aisle Monday night after I'd been on the checkouts for so long XD YEAH! funny cos I thought I was doing a real crappy job on Monday cos I wasn't feeling all that well due to my ulcer and my painful gland (*Which safe to say is gone now*) *shrugs* Oh well, I like getting praised for soemthing there... makes me feel like I've actually done something RIGHT for once....

Heh! On my way home from work my dad told me about soemthing which happened to my mum and brother last night I think it was, since I was in my room when my brother came round to use the net for a little while I didn't hear this story. Apparently when my brother left to come around here last night some woman passed him and mumbled something and he had his back turned for TWO minutes and this woman walks INTO MY MUM'S HOUSE! O_o;;
Ya see my mum's house is only about 3 or 4 doors away from a center for adults with mental problems and turns out this woman most likely came from there, apparently she walked into the room and started muttering "Red house, red house" (*Hey, which is true the front of my mum's house IS red, it's painted like that*) My mum eventually got her out of the house and locked the door behind her, but got concerned and rung the police. After the police gave her an incident number and told her to ring back if anything happens she only find that the woman has somehow gotten around the other side of the house (*I think*) and looking through the window (*Might of been the side she took her out to not sure cos the other side is pretty secluded*) So my mum rings the cops again, they checked with the hospital to see if they have anyone missing (*Since my mum's house is near the hsopital too*) but they didn't so chances were she came from that center... ploice didn't really move quick and come over to my mum's house fast really which sucks X_x;; But apaprently she wasn't there when my dad was over there last night....
....kinda creepy really but I'm sure the woman didn't mean any harm, she just didn't know what she was doing...
...sounds like my mum has moved into a right area O_o;;
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