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Stupid Driver....

A van nearly backed into me and three other people earlier (*One being a small girl*)... stupid driver, we had the freakin' right of way and he had decided to stop RIGHT ON THE DAMN CROSSING so we all had to walk behind the van and for some odd reason as soon as we were all behind him he frickin' well started reversing making me and one lady flee as fast as we could to the other side of the road and the other lady and her daughter fled the other way. No one hurt thankfully, the lady who had fled the same way as me had some choice words for the driver and I really don't blame her >>;

I also have changed my user avatar on DA, so if you see someone commenting on your work with a pixel Juudai as their avatar it's me XD (*I put the letters "PDU" in it anyway, so you should know it's me, lol*)

Yeah that's about it for this entry *lol*
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