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More rambling on Fanfics (*Will I ever actually finish one of these?*)

So I've decided that my new DM/GX story I will just write the scenes that come into my head, no matter where in the story they come and just make an archive on PDU somewhere. If you are a member of alter_series then it'll be kinda like that XD I may try and draw some pictures for it too but i need to finalize the characters designs and stuff.

Okay well the story is that some monster thing (*Summoned acctidently by a student at the academy*) manages to somehow combine both the human and monster worlds into one in order to:
1. Rule over them both and
2. Try to make the human race suffer as it's this monsters belief that humans just use monsters like themselves but monsters who side with humans and help them have to be destoryed aswell.
This monster has a whole horde of minions I need to create....strong ones XD
Anyway some humans survive the combination of these dimensions into one, but the world they're in doesn't even resemble their own world anymore, everything nobody reconizes and people who were together when the combination happened could now be split up all around this world.
Anyhoo, Juudai and Yugi manage to meet up ect. ect. Juudai being in a worse state than Yugi is health wise and so this part of the story is the begining!

The next part takes place 1 year later (*So Juudai is 16, Yugi is 20*) They live in a world not only over run by these uber hateful monsters but also there are humans who dislike duelists cause of their association with duel monsters (*Some think just cos some are bad, they all are*) so basiclly Juudai and Yugi have to avoid two evils in the same world. They haven't had any luck in finding their friends/family but they hear from someone about a rumor that a secret place for duelists exist and this story just follows through them trying to find it in the hope their friends are there....the place was built by Kaiba anyway XD And it's like a secret hidden underground hideout for "True duelists" =p
Characters I plan to make apperances are: Mai, Shou, Daichi and maybe some others like Bakura/Hayato not sure. Joey and Tristan will be mentioned as they were at the hideout but left to try and find Yugi/Tea.

After finding this place we enter the 3rd part of the story. Yugi and Juudai continue to try and find the rest of their friends. First it'll be Tristan/Joey (*Sorry but Joey still gets the devistating death story I was planning for him aaaaaaalll along in other fics just cos, ya know, gives me something to screw over Yugi's mind really*) Then Tea, then finally it'll be Asuka and Ryou (*Oh and Fubuki too :D*) each are taken back to the hideout via Joey's red eyes that he gave to Yugi as a thing to remember him by (*And simply cos I need a quick way to get them there*) Afterwards I plan to screw over both Yugi and Juudai again right where they think their mission has finally finished and can start enjoying their lives with their friends (*Muwhahahahaha!*)

Still a lot of unaccounted for characters Manjoume/Pegasus/Marik ect. ect. but they'll be another part after the 3rd one just not sure what'll happen in it.

Oh yeah and I know I'm gonna burn in hell for this but I felt like I at least needed one couple in the story and I chose Yugi/Tea cos it's like, the most plausible ^^;

Okay none of that probably made sense but oh well XD I need to get ready for work....as usual.... XP
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