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Manga Mad :D

Hehehe! Just went on a Manga Shopping Spree *grins* I'm getting:

- Both Digimon 02 Mangas
- The first two volumes of the Yugioh Manga
- Pokémon Elite (*Pokémon Adventures: Yellow Caballero*)
- Saffron City Seige (*Pokémon Adventures*)

I WAS gonna get the second volume of the Fruits Basket Manga but says it's still unavalible on Amazon.co.uk so I'll have to ait for that...
...buuuuuuut I found out by randomly clicking on links that the first Volume of the Fruits Basket DVD should be avalible in England on the 5th of April YAY! Totally Awesome *waits patiantly for the 5th of April*)

My order of Manga isn't gonna arrive until between March 15th- March 18th but never mind I can wait :D

I'm pondering whether to make my computer an Region 1 only DVD player thingy cos I really want to see Pokémon heroes (*And the 6th movie when it finally comes out*) cos who KNOWS when those will get released over here...
...Then again I guess I COULD ask my dad to get me a multi-region DVD player for my Birthday (*Okay 3rd of May seems a long time away but it'll come fast...I'm 21... eeep! O_o;;*) Or I'll just buy one myself... not too sure WHICH would be the best...I could still hook up the MR DVD Player to my computer and take screenshots that way but for better quality shots I would need to play it on the computer.... hummmm....
And it's not like I wouldn't be able to not take screenshots of my region 2 DVDs cos I CAN copy them onto video via our DVD/Video combo we have...
...Is it strange to be very confused over such a little thing... why can't the whole world just work off one damn DVD region... it would be easier -_-;;

Okay well I gota ta see if my dad is actually going into town at some point today and when he wants to go food shopping X_x; Everytime I ask it's like "I don't know"
Plus I promised myself I was gonna do an oekaki today...I'll have to do a quickish one, I was planning to do the naruto with the Pokémon Ninetails which is a request from someone but might take too long so I'll draw something else maybe a random Pokémon or Digimon...

Togepi's random thought of the day:
Why does Yami Yugi's proper name "Atem" remind me of ATM Machines? XD
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