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*Wears an "I'm stupid" T-shirt*

Well we just found out why the net wasn't working....
....my dad had left his damn modem line in.

We're idiots. We should have checked that.

Still a crackle on the line though ^^;

Oh well enough of our stupidity. In today's new Pokemon episode there was a boy who ran about in a disguise calling himself the masked coordinator named "Phantom"....and he had a very scary mother O_o;; Who hated Pokémon aswell....she continuously shook Ash and snapped at Brock when he was trying to explain something saying "That's enough out of YOU!" XD Brock's preformance as the masked coordinator was priceless though X3

And in Yu-Gi-Oh, Joey panted like a dog for most of his scenes oh yeah and Valon 0wned Duke and Rebecca in a duel.... XD
...Duke's voice gets unusual deep when he shouts O_o;
And the episode ended with pretty lights in the sky...
...OMG! It's the great Lybatheeen-whateverit'scalled XD
DARTZ: - Ah yes, keep feeding my child... *Enter evil smirk here*

And that's my ultra super small review of those episodes :D

Oh well, off to work.
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