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Damn you BT!

My net connection seems a bit screwey, being slow and disconnecting me... I wonder if my phone is still crackling :/
My dad phones up BT and basiclly went through hell to report this fault. First he was told to do some automated line check that would ring him back with the result, so he does that and he gets a ring back and BT came to a VERY clever conclusion:
"Sorry, you have a fault"
Well NO WAY, we didn't know that! *Slaps forehead* then he basiclly just gets the run around, having people promise they'll call back but never do. He eventually got somewhere last night, he managed to get through to someone but then they said that they would have the engineers call us...
....nobody ever called.
What the hell is up with these services these days!? They can't to a damn thing right. Not to mention these days when you phone up things like BT you get answered by someone who can barely speak English >>;

*Pokes the crappy speed for the Naruto 119 download then checks the phone*

I can hear a bit of crackling but it doesn't seem as bad :/ Though the tone sounds a bit weird to me... oh well...
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