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Crackle, Crackle....

Wheee! There's a fault on our phoneline it seems. Thank goodness I have broadband as the last time we had crackley-ness on the line we had dial up and we couldn't connect at all (*And it stayed like that for a little while*) But it does effect broadband, I get disconencted everytime somebody tries to phone up >>; Blah.

Oh and the torrent for the subbed episode 118 of Naruto isn't working, not for the Anbu/Aone one anyway, which means I might have to get the one by that speed sub group.....yeah.... >>; (*EDIT: Okay so that's not working either XD Seems like all the recently added torrents aren't :/*)
Also I was up until 4am this morning cos my mind wanted me to write up a prelude to my fanfic, ya know, just cos it wanted to XD Safe to say I didn't wake up until 11am XP I outlined the first part of the story too YAY!
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