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OMG! Background Music LOVE!!! <3

I hate to make a post so soon after my GX review but damn, I can't believe there was a ton of Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh Background Music I didn't have. Sure I have all the tracks from Sound Duels 1, 2 and 3 but I didn't know there was another two CDs too XD (*Duel Monsters Volume 1 and 2*) someone at the Janime forums posted a link to them so now I'm happy cos I got some music from the series I wanted (*Some that played during the AE arc and stuff*)

Though I'm posting this for a bigger reason than to declare I have more pretty BGM.

There were a few of the tracks that weren't working on the site I downloaded them from (*For Duel Monster Volume 1*)
Those would be:
Track 12: That which is drawing near
Track 19: The messenger from the Darkness
Track 30: Duel Theme ~ THE PEGASUS URBAN REMIX ~
Track 31: Hidden Feelings ~ AMBIENT MIX PF SOLO ~

So I need to ask, does anybody on my friends list happen to have these tracks at all? *Looks hopeful* I'm just a hopeless lover of BGM who needs these tracks XD

Man I also wish they'd release a new CD so they can bring out Kisara's theme >_< Though that's looking doubtful, well at least they'll most likely bring out a GX BGM CD at some point, I love the BGM in that XD

Okay I'm gonna go spam my ipod with these new tunes. I have a whole playlist dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh tunes X3
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