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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Epsiode 16 - Just your average episode XP

GX Parodies and Review!!

First the video parodies, I managed to do one clip from the show and the preview:


But the real preview PWNS mine so....yeah XD
I also realized that I really do make Juudai out to be more clueless than he really is, but that's the fun of parodies.

Yes, it's GX review time again :D

Well my first overall thoughts of this episode is that, although okay, it does not live up to last weeks episode XD
Though this episode has it's entertaining parts, Chronos is always entertaining, we also get confirmation from Juudai HIMSELF that he KNEW who he received Hane Kuriboh from. There were a lot of people who thought that he didn't have a clue who Yugi was but he did (*Seemed pretty obvious to me that he did know*)

So we open up at night when there is a big flash of light as an Obelisk Blue student goes flying, landing on his back as his cards fall around him. A large shadow looms over him as the Obelisk Blue student looks terrified (*But ya know, in a comical way XD*) as he gives out a whimper of fear. The figure before him is some large bunch of Obelisk Blue coats (*Yeah, terrifying disguise*) who picks up one of his cards, rambling about rare cards then just walks off and as he walks past a tree, some little Ra Yellow, green haired kid who is up in the tree just smirks evilly.

"I want my mummy!"

Muwhahahaha! Tis so evil!

*coughs* Okay skip to daylight and we see three Obelisk Blue guys whispering amongst themselves but they bugger off when they see Juudai, Shou and Hayato approaching them. Soon after Hayato starts yapping on about something which I can't understand but both he and Shou are talking amongst themselves as Juudai silently watches on, giving a rather annoyed grunt at the end of Hayato's explanation XP

"My duelist senses are....tingling!"

Now this brings us to Chronos who's mumbling about the situation with the Obelisk Students, soon throwing his arms into the air almost as if he's singing some sort of opera about it XD Though I think he's just trying to look dramatic....and failing. Then he spots Juudai and co and oh how his mood changes.
So he offers Juudai that if he can hunt down the person the Obelisk students have been losing to he doesn't have to do some report or other, Juudai gets excited and is all like "REALLY!? :D :D :D!!!" (*Yes, smiley faces included*) Oh boy how the boy does jump at the chance, leaving Shou and Hayato just to give him tired sighs XP


Anyway now we jump scenes to a duel between an Obelisk Blue guy and what's this...? A little guy from Ra yellow with green hair...? Now where does THAT seem familiar...
Juudai and co come into the arena and sit down as it's the Ra Yellow boys turn, although he seems to be taking his time with it, getting an angry shout from his opponent. Juudai can see his cards and points out that he has one called "Earthquake" I haven't a clue what it is or what it does, but I can tell from juudai's reaction that playing that would be in the favor of the little Ra Yellow guy, but the guy seems to be under some pressure which only worsens as the Obelisk Blue guy (*And his friends*) start making comments to the little Ra yellow guy.
Instead of playing the earthquake card, he just orders his monster to attack.
Obelisk Blue guy plays a trap which raises his monsters attack and totally PWNS the little Ra Yellow guys monster wiping out the rest of his life points.

At this point Daichi joins Juudai and co and we learn the little Ra Yellow guys name is Kohara. The poor little guy gets taunted by the Obelisk Blue guys some more so Kohara walks off the stage, but not before he shows such an evil gleam in his eyes. Which both Juudai and Hane Kuriboh notice. They then see the little guy join a rather large Ra yellow student whose name is Ohara before walking off. After once again conversing with Hane Kuriboh Juudai takes off after them, followed by his friends (*Except Daichi who just stays where he is*)

"EVIL EYE!!!11!"

Kohara and Ohara are walking down the hallway when they run into some Obelisk Blue students, they seem to do a lot more taunting and I'm quite sure if I knew what they were saying I'd feel like I'd want to punch them XP So anyway Ohara and kohara step aside and let the taunting, laughing Obelisk students pass. That's when Juudai and co catch up with them, blah blah blah Juudai says some stuff (*Damn there's way too much talking in this episode*) then Kohara and Ohara leave. Juudai crosses his arms rather confidently as they do soon after Hane Kuriboh talks to Juudai again, juudai responding that he understands (*I'm getting strange Yami/Yugi vibes from this episode where Juudai and Hane Kuriboh are concerned XD*)

*Pets da fluffball*

Anyway tis night now. Kohara and Oohara are in their dorm as Kohara lays out some Duel Monster cards in front of himself on the floor. Meanwhile Juudai and co are playing a waiting game behind one of the stone decoration things that line the path outside of the main academy building. Then they here and yell and they take off into the woodland.
They soon come across an Obelisk Blue guy on his knees going "My...rare card ;_;" Juudai asks where the guy who took his card went and the obelisk Blue guy points before Juudai just runs off, his friends soon following behind. They soon catch up with the guy who, of course, appears as someone disguised horribly under Oberlisk Blue coats XD Seriously I don't see what's scary about that *lol* Either way Shou and Hayato move behind Juudai a bit more XD

Playing Spy?

Well well well juudai challenges the guy to duel as his deck glows and Hane Kuriboh appears beside him. Juudai then wages the card he's betting in the duel, Hane Kuriboh, announcing that it's a card given to him from the Duel King himself, Yugi Motou.
A voice in the terribly disguised guy in front of them agrees to it and the big guy repeats what was said and the Duel begins.

"D00d! I got this of THE Yugi Motou, cos I'm just THAT cool!"

The big guy goes first summoning a really ugly ogre thing. The big guy ends his turn so it's over to Juudai who draws Hane Kuriboh, therefore he plays the little fluffball X3 YAY! Juudai ends his turn but noticed the big guy takes his time replying and stutters nervously when he does. The big guy orders his ogre thing to attack Hane Kuriboh and the fluffball gets smushed XP Juudai thanks Hane Kuriboh for now the giant ogre thing is in defense mode and has like no defense points at all.

So the big guy then plays a smaller ugly ogre thing and the bigger ogre goes back into attack mode XP Juudai's turn and he fuses together Burst Lady and Clayman to become Rampart Gunner. He then attacks the big guy directly and the force of the attack blows off all the Oberlisk Blue coats to reveal that it's Ohara underneath them XP Oh but Juudai knows he's not the one pulling the strings, he knows very well that Kohara was XD This makes kohara come out of hiding. Yeah Kohara seems rather bitter over Obelisk Blue, heh.

Just cos I haven't posted a picture of the big guy

Anyway the duel carries on with kohara now out of hiding but still dueling for Ohara. He summons King Goblin which has no attack points. Then two other goblins appear which King Goblin kinda swallows up. Now it has an attack of 3000, O_o; So Kohara has King Goblin attack Rampart Gunner then had the big ogre thing attack him directly.

Am I the only one who looks at this picture and thinks "Chibi Piccolo" Ya know, that green dude from DBZ....?

Okay so Juudai's turn and he plays Pot of Greed, so takes another two cards from his deck. So he plays Sparkman and equips it with Spark Gun which puts all Kohara's monsters into defense mode. Then juudai plays some magic card which returns Clayman to his hand, then he fuses together Clayman and Sparkman into Thunder Giant. Then Thunder Giant gets rid of Kohara's big Ogre thing and one other Goblin thing and then he defuses Sparkman and Clayman and just lays the smack down on Kohara, he has Clayman take out the other Goblin thing then has Sparkman take out King Goblin.
Kohara loses XP

"The vision in my duel disk tells me you will lose this duel!"

Safe to say that juudai doesn't turn them into Chronos which means, after all that trouble, they'll have to do the report anyway XD And sure enough the next day Shou and Juudai are franticlly writing their report in front of Chronos XD
By the way Kohara and ohara return the cards they had taken back to their rightful owners and everything was smiley happy again.


After all, we all hate paperwork..."

My gosh that has to be the worst review I've written, too much talking and a rather boring-ish episode XP That doesn't mix well *lol* Ah well, here's hoping that next weeks episode is better (*Looks insane enough*) And then after that episode we'll be getting onto the Juudai Vs. Yugi's deck episodes! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait!! X3

I'm going back to mindlessly downloading Gundam Seed Destiny Sub Parodies now. The show is more entertaining like that XD;;
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