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Floresent lights make head hurt....ow...

Blah, my head keeps acheing a little, the stupid lights at work effect my head terribly sometimes. I spent most of the night doing what I usually do, think up fanart ideas or fanfic plots (*Ya know I wonder how I even server the customers when I'm in a dream world half the time*) I think I've finally come up with a decent Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic I might not get bored of, it's got a mix of all kinda of storylines I've tried plus encorptates some of the random Juudai fanfic bunny plots that have been knawing away at my head, though they won't be much like the ones I've posted, but I'm using ideas from them.

The only problem is that I just don't have any knowlage on the monsters besides the ones used frequeantly in the show, I can see myself just buying cards so I can learn more about them XD Maybe I should play some of the Yu-Gi-Oh roms I have cos I really need to learn about them cos I'll need to use different ones in the fic.
Maybe I'll just make some up XP That would be easier....

Anyway GX review coming tomorrow after work, as will the preview parody hopefully. Not even sure what music to use for the preview this time, I guess any kind of goofy music will do XD Doubt my acting will be good cos my dad's off work so therefore will be in the house XP Not that it's good anyway....
Don't think I'll be getting any episode parodies out of this one though so I might upload a few of the earlier previews I've been working on. I've done the preview for episode 2 and 3, just need 4 and 5 to do then I will have done every preview except one for episode 6 (*Cos my CD is evil and won't let me have episode 5*)

Yeah just a bunch of randomness from me XP Goodnight everyone~!
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