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*Is listening to the radio, half asleep*
Radio Dude: - ...and tell us if it's snowing where you are!
Me: - Snow?
*Get up and opens the curtain to look outside*
Me: - DUDE! Everything's WHITE!

Eeee! Snow! Snow! Snow! I wasn't expecting it to snow! YAY! Pretty, pretty snow! Doubt we'll end up getting much but still... SNOW!
I have a feeling it's gonna stop soon cos the sky is getting lighter, oh well, we at least got a dusting of it...I miss the days when it used to cover the ground completely and when it used to drift up against the holly bush in my back garden to the point where stepping in it made it come up to your knees (*Then again I was about 10 back then*)

Might see if I can get some photos later :D If it lasts until this afternoon that is XP

Yeah I was gonna post this yesterday but I had spammed my LJ enough as it was but Janime got up the little explainations of what happens in each episode (*And some title changes XD*) So here's me rambling on about them.

Episode titles and explanation taken from Janime's site: http://www.janime.net/Genex/anime.html

Episode 20 - Strong Deck with a Beloved Maiden
There is a transfer student [Ray] joining Juudai's class. When Ray looks around Kaiser's room, Juudai looking after Ray understand's Ray's secret. Although Juudai was caught by Blue Students, he didnt reval anything about Ray. In order to keep this secret, the duel between Juudai and Ray starts. [Beloved Maiden - Koisuru Otome], Ray is using such a romantic deck. That is a sign that represents Ray's feelings.

Something tells me that episode will be uber cute X3 Seems like this Ray guy is love sick or something...with...the Kaiser? XD Sorry couldn't resist putting that XP Not exactly sure why he'd want to stalk Ryou's room in a way which is connected to this romantic problem I'm sensing here, y'know unless Ray just has a death wish XD
Also another point I want to make is that Ray is a transfer student. True he could have transfered from a normal school, but there is probably a bit more of a chance that he transfered from another dueling school, there are mentions of another school in the rest of the episodes. Y'know, if it is, then a lot of people saw that storyline coming a mile off XD

Episode 21 - Fusion Seal! Juudai Vs. Misawa!
In order to find a member of Duel Acadmey to duel against another school, the duel between Misawa and Juudai begins. In order to beat Juudai, Misawa prepares the 7th deck with minute calculation. Juudai tries to oppose against Misawa's [Water Dragon] by his E-Hero; however he is moving into Misawa's plan. On the other hand, a man who is doing a mysterious scoop of the school and aims for money contacts Juudai.

Okay first of all this is the first mention of the "Other School", ah, what's Yu-Gi-Oh without a little compertition like that X3 I guess that's why people saw the "Other school" storyline a mile off, gotta be some sort of contest somewhere.
Also JUUDAI VS MISAWA IS GONNA ROCK! Seriously, not only will their amazing compeditive friendship make this intresting but they both use elements in their decks, Juudai with the E-Hero's and Misawa with his cards. In episode 12 his decks were split up into the different elements but I think Misawa would have to mix them together if he's in with a chance to beat Juudai since Juudai's is mixed, and what's with this guy doing a mysterious scoop, contacting Juudai and looking for money!? O___o; Oooh, I like added mystery~!

Episode 22 - Wildman Summon! Juudai Vs. Misawa Part Two
The duel between Juudai and Misawa is continued. Juudai who's [fusion/Polymerization - Yuukou] play is sealed by Misawa is impossible to evolve his E-Hero. Against [Water Dragon] of Misawa with 2600 attack points, E-Hero can be evolved completely by a field magic [Devil Heaven Tower - Matenrou] By the statagy of Misawa, in front of Diamond Dragon, Juudai's field becomes empty. However, Juudai can summon a new monster [E-Hero Wildman]

YAY! We finally get introduced to the tribal looking E-Hero who appears in the opening with Juudai (*Well at a guess anyway*). Wonder what element this one represents...
*lol* You'd think is someone sealed Juudai's fusion play that he'd be completely screwed XD
Wonder who wins, I'm going in Juudai's favor since he's like, the main character and all. Of course he'll get to be the one to duel against the other school.

Episode 23 - Removal Power! Moke Moke Duel!
Professor Chronos who'd like to remove Juudai mobilizes [Mogi], an ultimate weapon. A person who duels against Mogi is unbale to duel again. Then the duel between Juudai Vs. Mogi begins. Although Mogi summons [Moke Moke] with 300 attack points, it doesn't look very reliable. Gradually, Moke Moke can change it's shape into [Angry Moke Moke - Okoreru moke Moke] and [King Moke Moke]. Juudai is threatened by such a powerful monster with 3000 attack points.

Looks like Chronos is up to his old tricks again XD *Whacks a ball in his face* But we all know Juudai will win anyway cos we can't have the main character not be able to duel ever again (*OhNOES!*)I wonder who (*Or what*) this Mogi is anyway...

Episode 24 - Revival! Manjoume Thunder!
Manjoume who was defeated by Juudai and Misawa from the lower dorms wanders around the ocean. By the direction from an old guy, Manjoume has arrived Academy North School. Anyway, there, he has to wait to duel against the students from the North School to gather cards from 0. Then the duel between Manjoume Vs. the king of the North School finally begins. After Manjoume gets over all hardships, he becomes stronger and his power is...?

YAY! A Manjoume centered episode, nice to see what's going on with him. So he wanders the ocean and ends up at another school after following some old guys directions, huh? Intresting...
I wonder if he's gonna be joining this school and I wonder if they have dorms too (*Hopes for a Kuriboh Brown*)
HA! I can see it now. What if the school the Duel Academy is gonna duel against is this North School? What if Juudai really IS picked as the duelist who'll duel against them? What if Manjoume is picked for the North School? OMG! Manjoume Vs. Juudai all over again!
Predictable but fun X3

Yeah that's all for now XD YAY FOR FANGIRL RAMBLING! Lets see if my Juudai Vs. Manjoume prediction comes true, ne? (*Though I think even a dueling Monkey could see that plot a mile off XD*)

9:31am - Snow stopped a while ago ;_;
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