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"Soushi! Soushi! Soushi! SOUUUSHIIIII!"

Yes, I'm bored...
...and I feel pretty crappy (*Damn time of the month >_<*)
So I did a crappy sketch of Juudai getting soaked by the rain just cos I can:

Also I want to see the last episode of Soukyuu no Fafner, I spent a lot of today catching up on the series and watched episodes 22-24 and well...."Damn!" is about all I can say really XD Well that and Soushi and Kazuki really DO give off those Shounen-Ai overtones when they're together XD
It'll be intresting to see if everyone who's alive now actually make it to the end of the next episode, cos seriously, through those three episodes I could totally see everyone getting wiped out Evangelion style XP Not like I know what's completely going on anyway cos, I don't X___x; But the characters are awesome X3

Oh yeah and I really DO think that my CD has eaten Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode 5, I was trying to copy it onto another disk and it wouldn't let me, I think I should try and play it on my DVD player and see if it will work =p No biggie, maybe it'll get subbed sometime this year, but then again by then the dub probably would have already passed that part by the time it is XD

I think that's all I have to ramble about for another entry XD
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