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Icons and Parodies! X3

First of all a big shout out to ze Live Journal peeps who I could tell just from their updates had one hell of a time getting this site back up. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL~!

I did do an update here last night but it must have gotten lost, so never mind XD
Anyway today I bring you Bleach icon randomness:

And I also bring you more GX Video parodies cos I enjoy doing them WAAAAAAAAY too much. I've recnetly been going through older episodes so I can do the previews I'm missing (*Although it looks like I won't be able to do the preview for episode 6 cos my CD won't let me have episode 5 for some bizarre reason ;_;*)
Anyway you can find them here:


NOTES: On the first clip you might not be able to hear what Yugi and Joey say over Yugi's voice over. If you can't it's:
YUGI: (*As he runs to his friends*) I tripped over a badger on the way here.
JOEY: Like I really believe that, yeah?

Also you may have the same problem with Daitokuchi in the second clip when Juudai is first talking to Shou. If so it's:
DAITOKUCHI: Ignore these rules and you'll find yourself going on a one way trip to see the "Truth"

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