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Randomness about downloads...

Took this from Si's Journal cos it seemed like fun XD

Step 1: Open Winamp, or whatever MP3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first twenty songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.


Starting now:
1. ~Sakuyamon no Uta~ - Digimon Tamers
2. Some Pokémon BGM I don't know the name of XD
3. Ominous Silence - Yugioh BGM
4. Issho Ga Ii Ne - Digimon Tamers
5. Target ~ Akai Shougeki~ (*Movie Size*) - Wada Kouji
6. NERV - Evangelion BGM
7. God's Anger - Yugioh BGM
8. Ikazuchi no Theme Junpei no Theme - Digimon Frontier BGM
9. Warriors - Yugioh, Season 4 Opening
10. Don't Stop (Pata, Pata!) - Patamon
11. Days Aijou no nichijou - AiM
12. Duel Start - Yugioh BGM
13. Zanna & Rion no Theme - Pokémon Movie 5 BGM
14. Masaki no Toudai - Pokémon BGM
15. Christmas Alone - Impmon
16. Thantos - Evangelion
17. Kawaita Sakebi - Yugioh
18. Fly me to the moon (*Instrumental*) - Evangelion
19. Intro - Naruto (*Game*)
20. Chuugakusei ni Narimashita - Inoue, Miyako (*CD Drama*)

Yes quite an intresting selection there huh?

Anyway earlier a couple of hours before I went to work I found a cool site with quite a few anime downloads, they're all small in size and the quality is real bad in high action scenes but DAMN they have episodes 1-11 in naruto, plus .Hack//Sign or whatever it's called, I've always wanted to see that, saw the first episode and I was like "huh?" lol it's pretty cool though, the main character is cute LOL They also have a lot more INCLUDING FLCL YAY! I so wanted to see that, love the randomness of the sub I got of that so now I can get more :D

Also I've been keeping my eye on a Yugioh site I found which said it had full episodes (*I have a strange urge to watch the japanese version of the show*) And after not finding any that worked ANYWHERE I found this one, which again had broken links, but they said they're gonna put up some episodes Monday or something so YAY! Gonna keep a good eye on that cos they listed the Japanese episodes they had and they have one from that new series in Japan...YAY! LOL I think they had some from the original series too.... I wanna see Psycho Yami Yugi :p

Other than that nothing much going on tonight, work was boring as usual, actually had a decent day today... *yawns* need to go to bed soon...I'm tired... *falls over* Think I might watch Naruto episode 10 first though :D
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