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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 15 - Tennis Duel of Lurrrve~!

Behold, this weeks GX Parodies!

http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/togepi/parodystuff.htm <---- First three clips

http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/pdu/xfiles.htm <--- Teh next episode preview

Now onto ze review!

Okay, if anything this episode made me realize something....
...GX is on some serious crack.
So next time someone asks me about the show I'll just give this explanation: "It's Yu-Gi-Oh on crack!"
Yes that is all...

So we open up with the gang playing Tennis, YAY! Juudai and Shou are playing doubles against Asuka's two friends (*Junko and the other one, I think her name is like "Mome" or something...wait **Checks** Okay it's Momoe...*) So they're all playing tennis, Shou isn't so good it seems as he freaks out when the ball comes in his direction, he hits it back though X3 Then Momoe hits it back to juudai who makes a rather impressive leap and gives the ball one hell of a whack....in the wrong direction and straight towards Asuka. juudai shouts out to her and she just turns and stands there. Then suddenly someone comes out of nowhere, dives in front of Asuka, hits the ball back which hurtles towards Chronos (*Who seems to be in a conversation with the female Obelisk dorm supervisor*) and the ball hits him DIRECTLY IN HIS RIGHT EYE!

Poor Chronos, something tells me that if he wants to live he should stay away from any and all sports that involve balls.
Though I do hope he doesn't realize that fact himself, cos Chronos getting 0wned by a ball is hilarious.

Anyway the guy stands back up and asks if Asuka is alright, then everything goes sparkly as his teeth kinda....glisten. Asuka's friends both have uber big hearts in their eyes but Asuka doesn't seem to bothered about that and just calmly tells him she's okay and thanks him for helping her. Then it's Mr. Metrosexual to see sparkles as he looks at Asuka and blushes. She then speaks and he starts to act all goofy, eventually grabbing Asuka's hand and she's all like "Erm..." He realizes that he's got hold of her hand, lets it go then goofy backs off before walking away and therefore everyone is just like "Huh?"

After the title we see Juudai is in the school's medical room. Juudai is apologizing to Chronos while the woman Obelisk blue supervisor is seeing to Chronos' black eye (*It's a shame Juudai seems to be getting the blame for the ball it was Mr. Pretty Boy who hit it at Chronos ;_;*) Then Chronos spouts a lot of crap and I don't know what he's saying so lets skip to the next scene...

Asuka is putting a towel away in a locker when her friends come up to her. Soon afterwards they're chatting about Mr. pretty Boy (*Okay his name is Ayanokouji but pretty Boy sooooo suits him more*) whatever they're saying, Asuka doesn't seem that interested.
Then they're suddenly interrupted by Shou who seems to have had too much sugar as he's running back and fourth shouting about an emergency. Haven't a clue what he says afterwards but he mentions Juudai and Chronos and stuff then runs off again.
Junko and Momoe run off after him and Asuka walks forward but is stopped by Daitokuchi-Sensei.

So anyway Juudai and Aya-Pretty Boy are batting tennis balls between each other. Then pretty boy bats one that Juudai completely misses, he then falls over and the ball bounces off his head XD Anyway Aya-Pretty Boy then seems to give Juudai a number "Go Jyuu Kyuu" which is...Five....ten...nine...Fifty Nine? (*Still not quite sure on Japanese numbers*) Anyway Juudai is soon battling balls while counting: Fourty Eight, Fourty Nine, Fifty!

The 50th ball lands directly at Asuka's feet before she picks it up and walks towards Juudai, completely ignoring Aya-Pretty Boy on the way. She walks over to juudai and the two start talking about Manjoume, I'm guessing Daitokuchi told her something about him. So while they're talking Pretty Boy gets very mad and bursts into flames XD Ooooh boy does he look jealous. Pretty Boy finally marches over to them, being all pissy then something he says makes Shou think of....Obelisk fairies!? *Is scared of Shou's imagination now and I think he's scared of it too XD*

Yeah Pretty Boy is still ranting away, blah de blah, he then mentions a duel and then I guess this is the bit where he declares that the duel is to who gets to be Asuka's Fiancée XD;; Poor Asuka doesn't exactly get a say in it, they're just ignoring her, poor thing, besides I think when a duel is mentioned Juudai only hears that one word "Duel" so he excepts XP Male hormones are irritating when in full swing like that, as Asuka has so nicely found out in this episode.

So it's a duel to see which one she'll marry, Metrosexual Pretty Boy Ayakouji, or loveable but completely clueless Juudai.
Personally, I'd go for loveable but completely clueless...

Asuka's friends, especially Momoe, seems rather excited to have two guys dueling over her, Asuka doesn't look impressed and personally I don't blame her.

So Aya-Pretty Boy goes first and plays a magic card which apparently makes you gamble on guessing what card Aya holds up: Is it a trap, magic or Monster card.
Poor Juudai, he strains his super l33t psychic skills but gets it wrong on BOTH guesses he does. He first guesses a Magic card then changes his answer to a trap card....too bad for him it's a monster card. So Aya-Pretty Boy's magic card attacks Juudai's life points then Aya is all like "Fifteen-Love" XD Silly tennis phrases. Anyhooo, he places a card face down and ends his turn.

Now it's Juudai's turn and he plays Featherman. He tells his monster to direct attack Aya-Pretty Boy but he hits hit back with a trap card >P


Anyway Juudai places a card face down and ends his turn.

Anyway Junko seems to worry if Juudai will be alright cos now his life points are down to only 1000. Shou shouts words of encouragement to his friend. Pretty Boy activates some magic card which allows him to draw a card which is a monster card then an attack is fired at Juudai but he activates a trap which is called "Feather Wind" seems like it can make Featherman blow the attack away, which he does and it lands directly in front of Shou and the others XD
Afterwards Aya seems to say "Rival" a lot and starts laughing, Juudai doesn't looks so impressed but soon he starts laughing too...
...personally I think they've gone insane...

Well eventually they both snap out of it and it's Juudai's turn and he manages to draw his fusion card so he fuses together Clayman and Burst lady to create Rampart Gunner. He then lays the smackth down on the pretty boy as he has both his monsters attack directly XD Shou is all like "Amazing Aniki!" while Juudai gives his little buddy the victory sign and giggles "Hehehehe!"
Asuka is still not impressed and I still don't blame her XD

Anyway tis Aya-Pretty boy's turn as he draws a monster card then plays a magic card called "Duce" I haven't a clue what it does but as he's explaining it, the pretty boy takes out a comb and starts brushing his hair X____x;

Anyway he plays his monster which looks like a possessed tennis player equipped with Tennis based Automail *lol* Anyway the monster bats a metal ball at juudai which lowers his life points.... fuuuun.... then there are two green boxes with circles in them and one circle lights up on Aya's side... guess that's what Duce does *shrugs*

So anyway it seems they can now draw another card from their deck each. Aya-Pretty boy draws a magic card (*Which is the same magic card he first played, ya know, the guessing game one*) and Juudai draws a magic card related to Featherman.
So Aya plays his guessing game card and once again holds up a card and asks Juudai to guess whether it's a magic, trap or monster card. After a little while, juudai guesses a monster card and he's right! YAY!

Anyway Aya plays a magic card which makes his possessed tennis player with Automail monster turn into a big....racket? Anyway it's Juudai's turn and he pulls a card, seems like he's drawn a de-fusion card, splitting Clayman and Burst Lady up. Then he plays a magic card "Feather Shooter" which is what he drew earlier when they both drew a card and he gets to have Featherman attack three times with it. He destroys Aya's monster after two attacks giving him one lit up circle then attacks Aya-Pretty Boy directly giving him a second lit circle....
Juudai wins.
Juudai is about to say his catchphrase when Aya-Pretty Boy bursts into tears and runs off...
Yes....Juudai made him CRY!

Anyway Shou and Asuka's two friends walk up to him when Junko and Momoe realize Juudai is now Asuka's fiancée. Juudai approaches Asuka as Junko claps her hands together looking pretty hopeful, then Juudai comes out with the best line ever...

"What's a fiancée?"

..... and with that, Asuka just calls the clueless Juudai an idiot.

So we end the episode with Ayanokouji just shouting out the the sunset in floods of tears...


Next episode Juudai duels... a bunch of Obelisk blue coats...

...oh and it actually seems he plays Hane Kuriboh for the first time since like, episode FOUR!

Just adding some new icons to the mix:

I just had to make icons out of them XD;;
The 15-Love one has a multiple meaning too, not only is it a tennis thing but it also stands for the fact that episode 15 IS LOVE!
The Fiancée line was just too good to not put in an icon <3
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