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FMA sketches~!

Y'know I was worried there for a while. For some odd reason I couldn't get on Saiyaman's site due to some error but luckily the tracker still seems to be working and GX showed up on the TokyoToshokan BT list and it's downloading fine *phew*
Yes I'm a hopless fangirl....

Anyway I thought I'd just spam my journal with some FMA sketches I did today <3

Izumi-Sensei with a very terrified Ed and Al XD I really am happy with the way Izumi's pose turned out~!

Erm...back of Ed XD

Back of Armor!Al (*Took a while to do that one XD*)



All these pictures are part of a big picture I'm planning, which I mentioned a while ago. It was supposed to be for the contest on the FMA Deviant Art club but I doubt I'll make the deadline which is Saturday I think.

Hummm, I think I might watch episode 116-117 of Naruto now, I heard Neji's pretty hair was the star of these episodes XD Gots Soukyuu no Fafner episode 21 to watch too, then there's GX 15 X3 Eeeeeee~!
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