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The fun-ness of today~!

Today I had a 10-month-old baby try and eat my jumper....
....no really, I did XD

*lol* I was at the charity Shop where I voulenteer on Tuesdays and before we left the manageress asked me to hold her 10-month-old while she did something (*Since both her kids had come in with their dad*) at first I was like "I don't know how to hold them" cos really I've never held a baby before, not for that length of time anyway, though it was okay when he was in my arms. Then he started getting intrested in the little dangling bits I have on the neck of the jumper I was wearing, soon spitting his dummy out and deciding to put them in his mouth instead XD Soooo adorable, but icky XD I had to keep taking them away from him while one of the other volunteers put his dummy back in his mouth but I wasn't having that XD
Then he got all annoyed and started struggling in my arms XD;;
Kids are so cute sometimes, when they're not screaming and such anyway XD

I also got drenched by rain today....yayness.... >>;;

Almost have the subbed version of X-Evolution! Can't wait to start writing up my guide for it <3
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