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I...UPDATED! O___O;;

DUDE! I actually updated PDU! *Watches as random people have heart attacks due to the pure shock of it all* It was only small though, but it feels good to actually do something that I'm SUPPOSED to do XD I at least got the Pokémon Episode titles up to date and added a Bio for Lavaridge Gym Leader, Flannery.

I'm gonna be writing up a detailed guide for the Digimon X-Evolution movie once I get the sub (*Which I'm downloading now, 5 hours to goooo~!*) and to aristide it's small enough to put of a disk so I can send it to you :D Also out of curiosity, did you ever get the Christmas Card I sent you? I want to make sure the CD will get there ^^;*)

I should really crawl off to bed soon XP
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