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Just rambling as usual....

Just posting a stupid sketch I did in pen a little while ago. I'm mostly posting this for Nicole cos I know you wanted to see one of my "Violent" sketches (*Which really is only somebody looking a bit bloody XD*) And since I was doodling fanart of GX fanfic plot ideas (*Like ya do*) I ended up drawing this:

Yeah I know he has one arm longer than the other and it looks terrible but that's what my random sketches look like XD
Ignore the "Hummmmm"ing face, it's kinda looking at a monster I drew that ended up looking like a Super Saiyan Hollow with...tentacles... XD

Oh well, one more day of work to go and I get a whole THREE DAYS OFF, plus a long weekend :D YAY! Which means I can do the following things:
- Answer my e-mails
- Update PDU
- Go through the messages I let pile up on DA....again... >>;

Oh and while I'm here I noticed Janime put up a couple of new GX titles for episodes 20-24:

Episode 20: The Strong Deck with Beloved Maiden
Episode 21: Juudai VS. Misawa Part 1
Episode 22: Juudai VS. Misawa Part 2
Episode 23: Exhaustion! Duel!
Episode 24: Manjoume and North School

"Manjoume and North School" makes me think there is an "OMG! RIVAL SCHOOL!" which is something I've seen people post about before now (*Though it might not mean that*) and Juudai VS Misawa is going to be the best freakin' duel EVER, though I personally thought they'd leave that confrontation until a little later on in the series *shrugs*
And looking at these the one where Juudai VS Yugi's deck is like only two episodes away after this weeks episode X3 Eeeeee! I so can't wait for that one, mostly cos Juudai losing confidence will be SUCH a kodak moment :D

Okay I'll shut up now, enjoy another one of my random posts~!
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