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"...I wish you WERE cheese..."

Four FMA "Dub!Love" icons for episode nine :D

Winry's "Eeeeeeeee~!" at the begining of the episode just had to get it's own icon, it was too awesome for it to not get one XD
Yeah nothing too amazing. Most of the quotes I liked in the episode were REALLY long ones XD

Also I drew DORUmon and Tokomon X on ze Fruit Patch Digimon Oekaki today, my first decent oekaki since September time when I did the one of Ranamon:
Glomp teh cuteness~!
This is what I did instead of cleaning out my hamster like I should have done, means I have to get her up tomorrow morning XD She won't be happy about that ^^;

Now I really SHOULD go to bed, I've been getting a stupid strange headache on the left side of my head since like half three this afternoon, it just comes and goes very quickly and it wasn't nice, though I think it's calmed down a bit now, 'twas making me feel ill earlier X___x;
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