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Just watched today's new Dub episode of Yu-Gi-Oh and...

...my inner fangirl says:

"Evil Yugi is the best thing EVER!"

Seriously, seeing him ripping into Yami like he was, was like the most entertaining thing I have EVER seen XD

And today in Pokémon, Torkoal tried to kick a football but fell over X3 Wheeee~!

Oh and I have to add that the Raw of FMA manga chapter 43 made me realize Ed soaked by rain and going through some mental torture at the same time is the smexist thing ever...
...though also very scary...
...and the little girl with the panda is cute...
....the panda itself is evil...
....who was the weird moustache guy Scar was fighting...?

Yes I feel like beng random today....who cares... XD

Need to finish getting ready for work now.
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