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Ranting, Pizza and Bleach :D

Y'know, today I learned that my dad likes to bitch about my own job a lot. Honestly, he finds soemthing to bitch about all the time, whether it's cos he thinks i need more uniform or whether he wants me to make sure of soemthing just cos HE feels uneasy about it (*Like when I worked Dec.27th which was a day I actually had booked off, he was like "OMG! Make sure they give you that holiday back!!!11!" where I couldn't really care less losing one holiday, maybe cos I don't have a head for money >>; But still....*)

But today was annoying. Okay so I was just telling him about my rather boring day at work (*Honestly it was almost dead by when I got there for my shift and it just got worse through the night*) so I was telling him how I had to dress the freezers and how this time I made SURE I asked them for some gloves cos the last time I dressed the freezers i had to stop halfway cos my hands were too cold. I then mentioned out of amuzement mostly how the gloves they had given me had a hole in them anyway...
....oh dear, my dad soon goes off on an uber rant about how I shouldn't have to use gloves other people in the store use and how they should issue us all with gloves and how somebody who used the gloves could of had a horrible featering skin disease or something...whatever.... I lost intrest about a minute or less into the rant. Then he wanted me to go and see personnel to ASK them for my own gloves for the times when I'm asked to dress the freezers (*Which is like once in a blue freakin' moon anyway*)
GAH! Nobody gets issued with their "Own gloves" as far as I know and I ain't embarassing myself to ask for such a damn thing. Sure I agree with my dad in some aspects but I'm not particlaurly bothered about getting my "own gloves" cos it's not like I actually WORK on the freezers, I'm just asked to dress them once in a while when it's not busy which is a rare occurance...

Honestly....*rolls eyes* My dad just has to have SOME problem with the place I work, seriously he has to have something to moan about -_-;;

Also the freezers made me crave pizza and icecream....too bad I didn't have any icecream at home so I made a pizza and watched episode 12 of Bleach :D
Bleach is getting sooo good, but what's up with the guy who sounds like Sasuke and kinda looks like him too (*Y'know, if you flatten down his hair, make him older and taller and give him glasses*) that amused me XD
Dude, I loved Chad in this episode. He's damn awesome!
Need to watch episode 13 at some point (*Okay so I've watched parts of it already but I need to watch it the whole way through X3 *)

Now I need to sleep since I need to get up in time to watch Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh... y'know, I think I totally missed watching it last week, I can't remember @____@
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