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Episode 110 - Rescue Ralts! Hurry Max!

Episode 110 of Pokémon AG....

Seriously, not only was the thing with Max and Ralts the most touching thing I've ever seen (*Especially at the part where Max starts crying and apologizing to it*) but Team Rocket were just awesome in this episode and there were parts they almost seemed like real villians (*Okay I think the dramatic evil Team Rocket music playing over those scenes helped a lot*) but they did actually put up a decent battle against Ash and co for once.

And the ending was just so sweet yet sad and I loved how Ralts talked telepathiclly to Max after it left *sniffs* Twas so beautiful...

I really want to voice act the part where Max is apologizing to ralts, maybe I'll give it a try XD

I need to take pretty screenshots of this episode *_____*
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