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Hummm, I'm trying to make a little GX custom made LJ mood theme out of screenshots cos I started it once when I was bored and it's gradually built up, yet I still don't have all of the one I need XD There are way too many lovely funny facial expressions I can have in it and the way i'm going I think I'll end up with two themes, one for GX overall and one for Juudai XD
Not having a paid account don't stop me from using them either, just means I have to upload them to my free lycos account and just use HTML to put them into the post XD I just feel I could use one for my new GX-ish Journal layout XD

Best one I've made so far: - Sleepy

Cos Juudai is way too cute there XD I have like, two others for sleepy aswell *lol*

I wish I could do animated ones instead but those would really just take ages and they're difficult to draw in the first place anyway XP

Man it's so windy and rainy and morbid outside -_-;;
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