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Feel sorry for Juudai XD;;

While waiting for Digimon to download I began writing a fanfic scene I've had in my head like all week (*Ended up being more like a chapter though XD*).

Again it's Yu-Gi-Oh DM/GX crossover but it's not related to the fic I was writing. This is just some random thing I felt I needed to write since the fanfic bunny wouldn't leave me alone, plus I pretty much had this part sorted out. The bit before it and some of what follows I don't have a clue what I want to write, especially for the before bit. This piece of writing will be kinda confusing cos it refers to something bad happening at the Duel Academy but as of yet....even *I* don't know what that bad thing was XD;; Whatever it was it's caused some major changes in the world, from how some people act to the weather.

[Chapter?] - A Stray Child

Yugi Motou looked down at the small shopping list he held in his hand, checking over the items one last time of the items he and his family needed for at least the next week. Things had been hard recently, the weather had been very unpredictable and the streets had become so dangerous to walk, it was almost like a shadow had just overcast the earth and was now just hanging in the air, but there was always one thing he could count on and that was a small shop a few blocks away from where the game shop was. That was open rain or shine; the elderly man who owned it was stubborn and very rarely closed for anything.

Looking up at the sky, Yugi sighed and frowned at the darkening clouds.

“Looks like rain again…” he mumbled to himself, before quickly grabbing his deck, which he had been arranging for the trip out, from the counter of the shop and quickly shoved it into the card holster on his belt.

“I’m going now grandpa!” he announced loudly so his grandpa could hear him.

“Okay but be careful,” his grandfather yelled back from the next room.

“I will” Yugi replied before he walked towards the door and soon enough he was quickly running down the street. As he left his mother watched from the room behind the shop looking worried.

“Maybe one of us should have gone with him,” she said to her father-in-law, but he shook his head slowly.

“Yugi is a strong reliable person and he knows what he’s doing. He’s the most likely out of the three of us to make it there and back in one piece”

“I guess” Yugi’s mother replied. “But I can’t help worrying about him…”

Be safe, Yugi…


Thunder rumbled in the distance as the clouds began to build up into one dark mass in the sky. As they did Juudai ran franticly down the street and into an alleyway. Stumbling, he fell to his knees but quickly got back up again to run further into the alleyway, but soon his vision blurred as the way in front of him began to spin. The youngster stumbled again and fell against a wall. Sliding down to the floor Juudai realized he’d just run into a dead end.
Breathing heavily, he grabbed onto his painful arm, cringing as he did. His head was so clouded, his normal clear thinking would have possibly gotten him out of this situation but his body was ravaged by a high fever, he could barely see let along walk around anymore, but he wasn’t going to give up, even in this condition. He wasn’t beat yet, even if it seemed like it.

A dark shadow soon loomed over him, looking up he saw it belonged to the person who had been perusing him. Some thug bully holding a baseball bat, who obviously thought it was entertaining to chase and torture people smaller than himself. But Juudai was determined not to show any weakness as he stared straight at the man, his teeth clenched, but this only seemed to amuse the man even more.

“You’ve still got that look on your face, even in THIS situation?” he sneered. “Gotta admit you have a lot of guts, but I hate kids with spunk like yours”

Juudai growled under his breath as his vision blurring, dancing…the motion was making him feel nauseous so he closed his eyes for a second, holding his head back as another clap of thunder, closer now, was heard in the sky. Juudai opened his large brown eyes again to look at the sky above him; the clouds were so dark and ominous, almost like it was predicting his own fate.
It was then Juudai heard a familiar voice…

“Kurii Kurii~!”

In a flash of light, Hane Kuriboh appeared before Juudai, floating in front of him in a defensive stance to protect Juudai, his partner, from any harm, but Juudai felt bad for his friend for he stood no chance against this man, he wasn’t sure if any of his duel monsters would.

“Aibou, just….go…”

Hane Kuriboh turned around to look at Juudai with a puzzled expression on its face, one that turned to worry when it saw how much he was suffering.

“Just…leave me, go…”

Hane Kuriboh just shook from side to side, disagreeing with Juudai. It didn’t want to leave him there, leave him to get hurt. It then suddenly turned back around, it’s eyes fixed, almost as if it sensed something, it once again looked back at Juudai as if trying to make a decision. It then gave Juudai a determined look as it quickly flew off, dodging the thuggish man as he tired to swing his baseball bat at it.

“Heh, guess even your fluff ball deserted you” the man muttered with an amused tone in his voice. “Some friend you got there kid….now where were we…”

Juudai just shut his eyes tight as the man began to approach him slowly, there wasn’t anything to do now but trust Hane Kuriboh, he knew deep down that it wouldn’t have deserted him, even if he told it too, it was too loyal to him and the look in it’s eyes before it left told Juudai it had a plan.


Hearing the storm getting closer, Yugi picked up the pace as he ran down the deserted streets of his home city. Once filled with people going about their daily business, the streets now made the place look like a ghost town, no one dared leave their houses anymore, a lot had moved away, but the stories of violence were everywhere, there was no escaping it.

Suddenly Yugi slowed down to a walking pace when he got a strange sense of dejavu, like there was something familiar around that he hadn’t seen for a while. Looking around he noticed a small bright light flying towards him. Yugi watched it with puzzlement as it danced around him franticly. He felt as if he knew this light; it was familiar to him somehow. With that the light soon sped off down the road before stopping as if waiting for him.

“Guess you want me to follow” Yugi said to the light. It almost seemed to nod in response, so Yugi slowly began to approach the light, but began running when it sped off again.


Juudai yelled in pain as the baseball bat hit his left side with such great force it knocked him to the ground. He lay there still for a while, listening to the man laughing at his own sick entertainment, before Juudai began to try and struggle back up. The thug stopped laughing and looked at the boy with sick curiosity.

“You just won’t give in, will you?” he sneered. “Fine! Makes it more entertaining for me anyway”

Juudai just cringed in pain before just falling back to the floor again. It was too painful to move and he felt as if he didn’t have the strength anymore, so there he laid, listening to the thug gloat to himself. He then rose the bat up above his head as Juudai just closed his eyes getting ready for the final blow, but he had to trust in Hane Kuriboh to get to him in time, he had to trust it wouldn’t let him down, he had to trust in it like before, he had too…

“DIE!” the thug shouted as he brought the bat down towards the boy. Juudai clenched his teeth waiting the blow, but it never came. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw a figure now stood between himself and the thug. It was holding a giant sword above him, which had blocked the bat from making contact with him.

“What the…!?”

The thug turned his head around quickly to see another person stood at the entrance to the alleyway, holding up a Duel Monster card of the Silent Swordsman level one in front of him, staring at the heafty man with strength and courage.

“Let the boy go” the figure demanded, but the hefty man, just gave him a sick grin as he backed away from the Duel Monster now in front of him, lowing his bat.

“Heh, aren’t I the lucky one” he scoffed. “After all, I’d be pretty famous if I told people I killed that “Duel King” everyone is so mad over, Yugi Motou that is…”

“Yugi…Motou…” Juudai repeated quietly, he wasn’t too sure if the real “Duel king” was there, his vision was now too weak to see clearly that far, but upon hearing Yugi mentioned Juudai seemed to find enough strength to go into his card holster and pull out a card from it while the thug’s attention was on Yugi and not himself.

“What makes you so sure you can kill me?” Yugi asked the thug calmly, trying to keep his attention as he saw Juudai moving from the corner of his eye.

“What makes YOU so sure I won’t?” the thug replied smugly.

“Because…” came Juudai’s weak yet determined voice from behind him as he sat up slowly. The thug looked around at Juudai as he stared at him in pure shock. “Heroes always WIN!”

With that he quickly held up a card. One of his Elemental Heroes, Burst Lady, appeared before him in a flash of light and instantly threw a ball of fire at the thug who quickly caught a blaze. He dropped his baseball bat and began running around in a panic before running out of the alleyway, dropping to the ground and rolling until the flames were out. Yugi just watched as the man, now quite scorched, yet not bad enough to be scared, got up from the ground. He growled at them before realizing he was no longer armed with the only weapon he had, so with that he made a quick retreat down the road. Yugi observed him until he was safely out of sight, before turning back to Juudai, as the young boy fell back to the ground in exhaustion, Burst Lady and Yugi’s own Silent Swordsman, both disappearing soon after.

Yugi quickly ran to the boy’s side to help him up, instantly recognizing him.

“You… from back then…” he said to himself as he looked at the boys pale and clammy face, recalling the time only six months ago when he had met the same boy in the park.

“That must mean the light was…”

Yugi’s head turned towards the small ball of light, which began to change shape back into the creature that had been on the very monster card he had given the boy in his arms, Hane Kuriboh.

Yugi gave the creature a small smile before he helped Juudai to sit up and leaned him against the wall. He gently placed his right hand on the boys left cheek making the boys eyes flicker partly open, Yugi could tell he wasn’t at all well. His cheek felt abnormally warm and his eyes didn’t seem to register what was going on, they just seemed lifeless.

“Can you hear me?” Yugi asked the boy. “Can you tell me your name?”

Juudai nodded slightly before parting his lips to speak, his voice only coming out in a weak whisper.


“Juudai…” Yugi repeated, he then smiled at the boy. “I’m glad to see Hane Kuriboh is doing so well, wish I could say the same about you”

Juudai just smiled, slightly amused by Yugi’s statement, he then just closed his eyes again as his head fell limply to one side.

“Juudai… Juudai, can you hear me?” Yugi said as calmly as he could as he gently patted the young boys face in the hopes to wake him up again, but the boy was out cold. Yugi knelt there silently for a while, just looking at the boy, as if trying to picture what he must have been through, wondering how on earth he ever managed to escape the academy and get all the way over to Domino City on his own.

Suddnely a flash of lightening across the sky lit up the alleyway and thunder sounded as the heaven’s opened and rain began to pour down on them.


“Ah, Yugi, back so soon?” Solomon Motou asked as he heard the bell of the shop door sound behind him. Solomon had his back facing the door as he was up a small stepladder trying to reach something on a shelf behind the counter. “I hope you didn’t get too wet on your way back”

Solomon carefully climbed back down the stepladder and turned around but his face turned to shock when he saw his grandson standing at the door, holding a boy in his arms rather than a bag of groceries. Both were soaked through from the rain and Yugi was panting heavily from running the entire way back with the boy in his arms.

“Granpda, call a doctor” Yugi said to him in-between gasps for air as he began to slowly make his way towards the door leading to the rest of the house. As he approached the counter Solomon gasped when he spotted the red coat the boy was partially wearing.

“A student from Kaiba’s school?” he said, his voice speaking in almost disbelief. He watched the boy shiver in Yugi’s arms and a look of sorrow both fell on the faces of both Yugi and his grandfather. “How did he even get here?”

“I’m not sure” Yugi replied. “But first we need to get a doctor to see to him”

With that Solomon nodded to his grandson and picked up a phone as Yugi ran off in the back and up the stairs crossing his mother on the way who called out to him, wondering what was going on.


The doctor, who had been a family doctor for the Motou’s for years now, turned up quickly and began seeing to Juudai who was now resting in Yugi’s bed in his room. Yugi watched along with both his mother and grandfather as the doctor carefully saw to the wound on his left arm, cleaning it and bandaging it up as well as cleaning up the smaller gash on the right side of his forehead.

He then took out a syringe from his bag and after filling it with a clear liquid he injected it into Juudai’s left arm. After that he took one last look at the boy before packing his stuff away and standing up to face the Motou’s.

“Well it seems that the wound on his left arm is badly infected and that could be what’s causing the fever, although if he’s been in this state for a while he could have caught anything from a cold to pneumonia, so we just need to monitor him and try and keep his fever down. If he shows any deterioration, don’t hesitate to call me. I’ve given him a shot of anti-biotics anyway so hopefully that will help”

“Thankyou so much for seeing him at such short notice” Yugi’s mother replied to the doctor who simply smiled at her.

“It was no trouble at all” the doctor replied. He then looked back at Juudai’s still figure lying in the bed. “I can only imagine the hell that kid has been through, he’s luckily Yugi found him in time”

After a while of being silent the doctor soon nodded at them to tell them that he had finished his work for now so Solomon lead the doctor out of the room, leaving Yugi and his mother alone, both watching Juudai with worried expressions on their faces.


Later that night, Yugi was in the kitchen to his home as he dialled a number on the phone that was on the wall by the fridge. He heard it ring a few times before the phone clicked and someone answered on the other side.

“Kaiba Corp, Kaiba speaking”

“Hey, Kaiba, it’s Yugi”

“What do YOU want? You’re tying up the lines”

Yugi frowned at Kaiba’s rather rude response, but he was used to it, kaiba wasn’t the best at communicating with people, especially with him, but Kaiba’s tone of voice soon changed when he heard Yugi’s reason for calling.

“I just thought you’d like to know that I found a student from your academy” Yugi explained. “I found him not too far from my house…his name is Juudai, I didn’t get his last name”

Kaiba quickly turned to the computer beside his phone in his office and clicked up a document with a large list of names. He quickly started a search for the name in question, which the document soon found and opened up the profile of the boy who the name belonged too.

“Yuuki, Juudai…” he told Yugi down the phone. “…what’s his status?”

“At the moment he’s unconscious and suffering from a high fever from an infection. We’ve had a doctor look at him and he should hopefully pull through, depending that there’s no complications. Did his parents call you at all?”

Kaiba leaned back over to his computer to take a look at the file.

“Yes, but only once, three days ago when the news of what happened at the academy just hit the headlines”

“If they left a number I could try calling them back” Yugi suggested, trying to be helpful, he knew that Kaiba must be inundated with calls and letters from parents wondering about their children. But Kaiba declined his offer.

“I think it’s best if I call them myself”

“Okay” Yugi replied. “If they want to come and see him, by all means give them my address”

“I will…” Kaiba said. “And…..thankyou…”

With that the line went dead quickly, leaving Yugi a bit shocked that Kaiba actually gave him a word of thanks, but he realized why. Yugi had only seen Kaiba a few times after the incident at the academy, not close enough to talk to but he could see, even at a distance, the weight his friend had on his back. All those missing children, all the one that had died, the grieving parents, the frantic parents who didn’t know where their children were all fell down to him since he created the school. Along with that Kaiba must be carrying a great deal of guilt, even though he wasn’t to be blamed for what happened, he knew in a situation like this, it was hard not to blame yourself.

With that he picked up a small bowl of cold water and a cloth and made his way back up the stairs to his room. Sitting down at Juudai’s bedside, Yugi soaked the cloth in the cold water before ringing it out and placing it onto Juudai’s forehead in the hopes that would keep his fever from getting any worse. He just watched as Juudai shivered a little, not from the cold cloth but from the fever itself. Yugi just sighed and brushed some of the boy’s hair from his face tenderly.

At Kaiba Corp, Kaiba still had his hand on the phone receiver he had quickly slammed down after thanking Yugi. He was staring at the computer screen and the information of the boy Yugi had found. An Osiris Red student, he was in the lowest dorm although his profile outlined some of his achievements in the academy as well as some things he got in trouble for. Apparently he had been offered the chance to go up to Ra Yellow but declined it, he wondered what kind of duelist wanted to stay in such a low position.

“Big brother?”

Startled, Kaiba looked to his left where his little brother Mokuba was stood, looking at him with concerned eyes.

Mokuba was now 14 years old and was quickly catching his older brother up in height, but he had still kept his child like innocence even through his teenage years.

“Big brother, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine Mokuba” Kaiba sighed before he picked the receiver of the phone up again and dialled the contact number Juudai’s parents had left him. At least he could give some good news to somebody for a change, this had been a very rare opportunity these past few days and he was always glad when some good news came out of all the bad, he just hoped Juudai’s condition stayed good news.

Digimon X-Evolution Download report: OMG! FINISHED! Can't watch it until tomorrow though, too late now *Yawns* I need sleep....
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