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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 14 - Dueling a Duel Monster

So after the absolute crack of last weeks episode (*Dueling Monkey!? WTF!? XD*) We join the academy on a rather quiet winter's night. The snow is falling and everything is calm, but really it looks like the island has the same problem with snow that my home town has. It snows only a little bit and even then that doesn't settle or it does but doesn't last long, so no snowball fights for the group or building snow Duel Monsters or...y'know....whatever XD


Ah but they DO get to tuck into some marshmallows they're roasting on a grill with Daitokuchi and Pharaoh, yummy! X3 Juudai and Shou, at this time, are playing a little friendly game of Duel Monsters. Ah life is fine! Whatever could go wrong on such a night like this.
Answer: This is Yu-Gi-Oh GX, there's always some sort of bizarre crack thing gonna happen sooner or later, tis why I love this show so much X3

So now we join a pretty boy with long hair who comes from Obelisk Blue. He's running for his life from something, shouting for help. He soon finds himself by the dining room of the Osiris Red dorm and so he....collapses into the window, smashing it XD YAY! Pointless destruction!
I'm surprised he didn't hurt himself doing that O_o;

As the group approach the boy wondering what the hell is going on, the boy starts yapping on about "Psycho Shocker" which I am assuming is Jinzo's Japanese name. The boy then gets hold of Daitokuchi's leather clad legs and looks almost like he's begging.

Juudai - So....who's paying to fix the window?

So eventually the boy tells his most scary tale of how he and his three friends dressed in white cloaks, stood in the middle of some dark room with candles and tried to speak with Psycho Shocker through a Oujia Board, then a spooky noise is heard as a book falls off a shelf and then the pointer on the board....MOVES! O__________O;; It's like something off of "Most Haunted" which is a show which totally rocks yet scares the pants off me at the same time (*Won't ever forget their Halloween live special*)
Something gives me the feeling this pretty boy's two friends disappeared after that.
Anyway pretty boy goes onto explain about an incident at the ferry while other students were boarding to go home for ze winter (*Which makes me assume that Juudai, Shou and Hayato all prefer to stay at the academy than spend winter with their families XD*)
So anyway, pretty boy is running towards the ferry but stops when he sees a rather suspicious tall guy dressed in a trench coat and hat. The figure lifts his hat up slightly and lowers the scarf around their neck to reveal that under it is none other that PSYCHO SHOCKER! Dum, dum, duuuuuum...
So pretty boy freaks out and runs back the way he came like a sissy baby.

Want to join our cult?


So back with the gang the lights suddenly go out in the dorm and we find that Psycho Shocker should be renamed "Psycho Stalker" cos he's back and has hold of a now unconscious pretty boy. Psycho Shocker takes off with him so Juudai follows, with Shou, hayato, Daitokuchi and Pharaoh behind him. His friends calls stop Juudai and he loses which way Psycho Shocker went, that is until Pharaoh, acting like some strange tracking....cat... hisses in the direction the loony Duel Monster went, so they trust the cat's instincts and go that way and soon find themselves at some kind of power point for the island (*Dude! Those places are dangerous*)

SHOU - What's that smell?
*Juudai whistles innocently*

Anyway Juudai spots the pretty boy and goes to run up to him but is stopped by special lightening effects as Psycho Shocker appears before them. Juudai tells the Duel Monster to give back Pretty boy and his little friends, but no can do so Juudai does what he does best...
...challenge him to a DUEL!!!
So there for we start Juudai's duel....against a duel monster...
...there's that crack again XD

OMG! I'm Juudai from Osiris Red and I challenge j00 to a DUEL!

So it's Psycho Shocker's turn first and he plays a bizarre freaky looking doll with an axe XD He also plays the magic card "Ectoplasma" in which I have a feeling Yami Bakura has used before, seems familiar to me. And so Psycho Shocker uses that and the ectoplasma of the little puppet axe monster lowers Juudai's life points.
Not a good start...

So now it's Juudai's turn and he plays Featherman as well as placing 4 cards face down and plays a magic card in which I haven't a clue what it does XD;; But anyway he has Featherman attack directly and then Featherman's ectoplasma attacks Psycho Shocker. YAY!
So anyway back with Psycho Shocker he brings back his freaky doll with axe thing and Juudai does something due to that magic card he played earlier. Anyway he plays his "Emergency rations" magic card to increase his life points. Then Psycho Shocker plays some bizarre looking Grim Reaper like monster and as Hayato so happily points out, Juudai doesn't have any monsters on the field (*So I assume featherman disappeared due to the Ectoplasma thing?*) So Psycho Shocker declares a direct attack with the Grim Reaper monster but Juudai stops him by playing some trap card where Psycho Shocker has to pick a card from his hand I think, which he does and it's Sparkman :D So The Grim Reaper monster attacks Sparkman instead and they both get destroyed. Afterward I think they both choose a card each for some bizarre reason I don't understand and then Psycho Shocker declares another direct attack on Juudai with the freaky puppet axe wielding thing and it throws it's axe at him X____x; Ouch! Then the ectoplasma takes more of Juudai's lifepoints away.

Anyway after that Shou sounds shocked and when Juudai looks at his legs he sees they're getting kinda faded and fuzzy, just like how Psycho Shocker looks right now X___x; Poor Juudai.
Anyway Juudai plays Clayman, then plays some magic card that puts some kind of gel over Clayman, then plays Fusion to fuse Clayman together with Burst Lady to create Rampart Gunner. Hummm then something that he did destroys the Ectoplasma magic card Psycho Shocker had on the field.
So juudai declares a direct attack on Psycho Shocker whose lifepoints fall to 500. Juudai ends his turn with putting a card face down.

My legs aren't getting good reception...

So it's Psycho Shocker's turn and he draws something to make him go "Muwhahahahahaha!" then his little freaky doll thing comes back to which he sacrifices to play...
Yes my friends, he summons Psycho Shocker to the field XD

So Psycho Shocker attacks and destroys Rampart Gunner and ends his turn. Now it's Juudai's turn (*Who's strange broken TV fuzziness has now taken over all of his legs X____x;*) Juudai plays "Friend Dog" and ends his turn.

Watch da shiney ball....

So Psycho Shocker plays er....some old looking creepy guy then destroys "Friend Dog" himself, which in return Juudai gets Clayman and Fusion back YAY!
Anyway Psycho Shocker as the freaky old dude do a direct attack on juudai and the freaky old dude just gets freakier O_o; It releases some kind of shockwave which hits Juudai and lowers his life points to 400, making the broken TV fuzziness go all the way up to his shoulders O____O;

That's some powerful gas...

So Psycho Shocker continues and plays a magic card that gives him some funky metal headgear then places a card face down.

Juudai's turn and he plays Pot of Greed. He then plays Bubbleman and the magic card "Bubble Shot" (?) which gives Bubbleman a neat looking bazooka which raises his attack points and with that he destroys the freaky old man. So then Psycho Shocker plays his face down card which was "Spirit Burial" then juudai plays some magic card to get another magic card back from the graveyard (*Which was the one he used earlier to make the gel over Clayman*) Anyway he puts a card face down and ends his turn.

Anyway Psycho Shocker attacks Bubbleman but doesn't seem to do anything for whatever reason, so he plays one card face down and ends his turn. BACK to Juudai now and he draws Hane Kuriboh from his deck. He thanks it for something but he doesn't play it during this duel, in fact, come to think of it he hasn't used Hane Kuriboh in a duel since like episode 4 XD;; Hane Kuriboh is more like a duel monster cheerleader it seems XD

Awwww, aren't they cuute X3

Anyway Juudai plays Clayman, plays that magic card that puts gel over it, then plays Fusion to fuse together Clayman and Bubbleman to MUDBALLMAN! w00t!Then he's able to destroy Psycho Shocker's headgear and Psycho Shocker blows up *poof!*
Ah, ah but it ain't over yet for now Psycho Shocker takes over Pretty Boys body (*Yeah we all forgot he was there huh?*) So he stands up and tries to activate a trap card (*Living dead was it?*) but Juudai activates one of his own and sacrifices some of his life points so he can destroy the trap pretty boy activated, then he attacks with Mudballman directly thus Juudai wins ^^

But things still aren't quite over as the attack seems to create a massive ball of light which engulfs them all......


Anyway the next morning Juudai's duel disk bleeps and Juudai wakes up to a bright sunny day, he turns to his friends who also start to wake up, they then notice that all three of the Obelisk Blue members are fine and fast asleep. Then after Shou says something to Juudai and Juudai thinks something over (*I think they were saying something about how it wasn't a dream, I dunno, I have no Japanese skills as you all very well know and I was only picking up on the words for "something that isn't" and the word for "dream" I think, so I put two and two together XD;; Though I'm probably terribly wrong*) Then Juudai says something funny, which is apparently only funny to himself cos Shou looks angry at him, Daitokuchi has a very unsure look on his face and Hayato looks like he's all "Er...wha?"

Time to wake up already...?

JUUDAI - ...so then the chicken rode away on the bus! Wasn't that a funny joke? Hahahaha!
DAITOKUCHI/HAYATO - I don't get it...
SHOU: - And I think it's offensive to all chickens >(
JUUDAI - Hahahahahha!

Then the episode ends with the wind blowing, carrying a very deep and ominous laugh with it.... O____o;

And as I mentioned in my last entry about this episode, the next episode is about TENNIS Juudai spends the first bit calling out numbers then cursing Chronos XD Fair enough, but seriously this guy here, who I think is their tennis instructor of the school seriously has a....

And he likes flirting with the ladies it seems...
...somebody best fire him, why is this school full of strange pedophiles? Seriously Then again at least the tennis instructor looks younger then Chronos >>; And he's not stalking Juudai like Chronos but still, he's still bound to be at least 4-6 years older than the girls he's flirting with who aren't even at a legal AGE!...and it seems he has a crush on Asuka...thus in the preview he seems to get all fiery and jealous when he spots Asuka talking to Juudai.
...Juudai looks cute in the outfit he has on in the preview XD;;

Oh how this show is great and so very random.

I think that took longer than it should have to write out XD;;

Digimon X-Evolution, Estimated Download time: 7 hours and 45 Minutes
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