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It's weird dream time again!

Dude, seriously. I had such a strange dream last night X_x;
Is it normal to dream about Gundam Seed characters when I don't even watch the show.

Anyway the first part I'm in some lab and for some odd reason I have this like X-ray computer image took of my head and these doctors or whatever spots something in my head like a strange reaction or growth or something so I'm all like "OMFG! I'M GONNA DIE!!!!11!" but they said they could do some procedure or something. Then it flicks to after that and I ask that Kira guy from Gundam Seed (*Who is apparnetly some doctor now*) to take another picture of my head to see if whatever is there is gone. So he flicks up some image on a computer and there is like 3 boxes under the image of my head and one is flashing red. He tells me that it's good only one is flashing red but I'm still in a danger zone and I needed to be montired XD;;
Then I remember looking over the labratory thinking, "This is such a cool show, I'm glad I decided to watch it"
Then it skips to Fullmetal Alchemist where Envy and Lust are somehow squatting upstairs in the Chairty shop I work in on Tuesdays XD There they have Ed captured, somehow and all around them are buckets filled with sour milk. Then Envy leaves and Lust gets pissed off cos she wanted to leave, then Ed tries to escape down the stairs but Lust cuts him off then sprays him with some of the sour milk straight in his face XD

I think Kira needs to have another look at my head XD Dreams like that seriously makes me wonder if I'm sane....which I'm not....but Oh well XD

YAY! Saiyaman has episode 14 of GX up!
Too bad I'm going to work soon, but at least I can get about half an hours downloading done :D Means I can get it and watch it much sooner after I come home from work :D
I hope there's some really good scenes to make parodies of XD;;
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