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GX Profile things! YAY!

Y'know, I should really work on the Pokémon/Digimon parts of my site instead of the other anime sections of it XD
I was bored so decided to work on a few small bios for the Yu-Gi-Oh GX cast and managed to do one for Juudai, Shou, Ryou and Asuka (*I struggled to think of what to write for Asuka other than "She's the only female main character....good for her?" XD*) and y'know, after writing those four I realized out of the main characters (*Student wise that is, not counting the teachers*) only Juudai and Daichi so far haven't had a family member show up (*Or be mentioned*) in the show in one way or another (*After all Asuka's brother has been mentioned, The Marufuji's have each other, Hayato had his dad show up and Manjoume's brothers made an appearance in episode 12*)
I have no idea why that intrests me, besides thinking we should learn about Juudai's family cos he's like, the main character and all XD;;
Or maybe that's just "fangirl" me talking, which it most likely is.

Anyway here are the bios if your intrested in reading over them, correcting me if I'm wrong in something (*After all I get this information from what I notice in raw Japanese episodes and what I remember reading in Janime's episode guides aswell as random comments I've seen people post about X___x;*) and if you feel something should be added.

http://www.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_juudai.htm - Juudai
http://www.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_shou.htm - Shou
http://www.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_asuka.htm - Asuka
http://www.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_ryou.htm - Ryou

In other news I'm tired and should really stop staying up until 2AM doing random crap like this...
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