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Icons, Pokémon Movies...blah, blah?

YAY! Made two more new icons!

1 FMA "Dub!Love"

1 Pokémon

I want to make a "Dub!Love" icon for Barry the Chopper, but can't pin point a quote that sticks out to me. Anyone like a certian quote Barry said in the episode? Personally the only one that stuck out to me the most was the "Big fountains of Blood" quote, for some odd reason the way he said it made me laugh...
....maybe I'm just morbid X___x;

Talking of Pokémon I forgot to mention that I watched the 7th Pokémon movie the other day (*Japanese raw but I got the jist of what was going on*)
DUDE! Tooi really DOES look like Bakura, an uber tiny chibi cute Bakura XD

See? XD Awww, he was just too adorable! He was so scared of Pokémon due to an incident when he was younger and he got caught in a stampede of...er...whatver those 3rd Generation seal/walrus things are called XD Sealo? I think that's one of them anyway, I can never remember the names of the 3rd Generation Pokémon @___@ Plusle and Minun were also extra adorable, as was Gonbe/Munchlax and what screen time Team Rocket got was hillarious too XD
But it didn't live up to what I expected action wise, but I guess the uber adorableness made up for it :D

Oh and I've changed the background of my journal to my Yugi and Juudai piccie X3 Wheee~!
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