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FINALLY saw FMA episode 8 and I must say this was the best quote in the episode:

Even MORE hillarious cos my dad says that quote oh so very often when he's sulking XD Poor Ed, he's somehow taking after my dad X____x;
That is SO my default icon now XD
I even mentioned it to my dad and when I showed him the scene where Ed says that he was kinda amused as well XD;;

As for the episode itself once again I thought it was pretty much perfect and I think Ed's VA did an awesome job in this episode, seriously at the end I almost burst out crying, especially when he was all like "I thought he was going to kill me, I thought I was going to die, I was so scared..." cos it's seems so un Ed-like to see him so helpless and then right at the end when he was talking to Al, that got to me too ;_; Whaaa!
Oh and Barry the Chopper was awesome <3 A bit weird to hear Kyou from Fruit Baksets voice coming from a crossdressing serial killer but his voice was pretty much perfect :D

I hope to make some more "Dub!Love" icons tomorrow, right now I need to get to bed, early-ish work shift tomorrow....oh yey! XP
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