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Icons, art and Ranting (*3 in 1 Package*)

Blah, I get up, I check DA for any messages for the lineart of my new picture and what do you know, DA is being an ass and not working... so then I remember that the dub of FMA aired last night so I find the download of it but that, too, isn't working...and I heard Ed's voice was awesome in this one too ;_;
S0nicfreak ain't working either...
...it's like the internet hates me.

Anyway here is the picture all inked up and put together. The only bit I hate about it is Yugi's legs and I am NEVER EVER ATTEMPTING A POSE LIKE THAT AGAIN!!
....though drawing him in that pose was fun up until the leg part X____x;

Also three new icons:

And yes... "Learning" is spelled wrong on purpose in the first icon, it's how it was spelled in the episode XD;;

Okay DA is working now XD YAY!
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