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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 13 - SAL the King Kong wannabe!



That one is straight out of the random bucket XD I had lotsa fun doing this one. It's a shame the screaming at the end is totally unrealistic but my dad was in the house at the time so I couldn't do convincing screaming so they all go "ahhhhhhhhh..."
I have done the preview to episode 13, I'll put it up once I do the preview for episode 14 aswell :D

Hope you enjoy that one XD Now onto the review of the episode :)

So we start this episode off at night as we zoom into a small looking Laboratory at the foot of the volcano on the island. Inside a panic is going on and men are running about which guns which seriously look like they're toys made out of plastic XD
Anyway what IS this ruckus about I hear you ask?
Well it turns out a monkey, dressed in bizarre cyber gear (*Kinda reminds me of Mewtwo's outfit when he was with Giovanni*) and a dueling disk has escaped from the lab...
Oh noes!
Then we skip to the next morning to see Manjoume leaving the Academy with a bag over his shoulder O___o;

So next we know Shou is running into class screaming "ANIKI! ANIKI!" at the top of his voice and then mentions Manjoume to Juudai before some of Manjoume's former sidekicks talk between themselves.
Anyway seems like Juudai and Shou sneak out of the academy to find Manjoume (*Through a hole in the wall XD*) but Asuka and her two friends are waiting on the other side, so they look for him together.

Anyway while looking (*And after Asuka's friends chit chat for a while*) Asuka points to a bush that moves. They all think it's Manjoume and walk towards it. Imagine their surprise when a strange monkey jumps out at them, runs straight into them then ends up grabbing one of Asuka's friends (*Junko*) then even more shock comes when they're confronted by the strange lab men with their toy tranquilizer guns XD
After hearing Junko's cries for help, the men follow and soon Juudai and co follow aswell.

Anyway the monkey takes Junko to a tree, a tree....which is HANGING OVER THE EDGE OF A CLIFF!
Yes I think SAL has a case of wanting to be some kind of King Kong wannabe XP

Anyway the whole group arrives when Shou notices a Duel Disk on SAL's arm. One of the men, the smallest one who I presume is the professor (*Since he gets called that later on*) tells them that SAL stands for "SUPER ANIMAL LEARNING"...
...in other words they imprisoned and animal and experimented on it forcing it to learn how to play duel monsters...or at least that's the impression I get XD

Anyway blah blah blah, Juudai challenges SAL and SAL eventually excepts and they start, Juudai getting the shock of his life when SAL actually speaks to him at this point to say "DUEL" (*Before that he had been making various weird monkey noises*)
I think the professor says it's a program or something ...meh *shrugs*

So they start and Juudai first plays Sparkman while Junko is screaming "Please hurry up and save me!!" XD

So it's SAL's turn and he plays a big gorilla thing to destroy Sparkman then places one card face down.

Anyhoooo, Juudai sues Fusion in his next turn and fuses together Featherman and Burst lady to create Flame Wingman. He attacks and destroys SAL's gorilla thing then attacks directly. SAL's Life Points are down to 1900.

After the Professor reminisces of SAL being in a laboratory, SAL takes his next turn and brings out Acrobat Monkey, he then plays his face down card which was er....dunno it's name, "DNA Surgery" is it? Ah I know Weevil played it against Yami in one of the most recent DOMA arc episodes so I know what it does. Changes the DNA of monsters right. So in DOMA it changed Yami's monsters to bugs but here it changes Juudai's monsters to Monkeys XD
SAL then plays a magic card in which I haven't a clue what it is, but seems to up the Acrobat Monkey's attack points O_o; Then he attacks Flame Wingman and destroys it before the Acrobat Monkey also disappears.

Anyway Juudai draws from his hand and draws some magic card, again I have no idea what it's called and he's about to start his turn when he hears various monkey noises that stop him. From some rocks beside him a bunch of monkeys are watching their duel XD
All the monkeys look sad ;_;

Anyway Juudai carries on with his turn and plays Clayman which gets turned into a Monkey XD Then he plays his magic card, I think it makes Clayman's damage plus or something O_o; Either way it pwns SAL who's life points drop to 0!
Anyway SAL hands Junko back over and she runs to Asuka before thanking Juudai for saving her.

Soon the men and professor approach SAL but Juudai runs out in front of the monkey with his arms help high, not wanting them to get to poor SAL. (*That's it Juudai! Stand up for animal rights!*) But they just push past him and throw a net over SAL. Oh how Juudai looks pissed at that. Then one of the men aims his toy looking gun at the other monkeys! NOOOOOO!

But heroes come in all shapes and sizes and well....in this case species as none other than Pharaoh the cat comes running out of nowhere and attacks the man with the gun before returning to Daitokuchi-Sensei who has just appeared out of nowhere :D

Daitokuchi is so damn cool in this scene, facing the evil men in his tight leather trousers as he kicks up the toy looking gun from the ground into his hand.

Anyway afterwards they let SAL go back to his own kind as the others see him off.

Daitokuchi then mentions Manjoume afterwards but ends up leading them to the spot near the pier as he remembers seeing Manjoume sail off on a boat. Oh well I guess he'll be back another day.

The preview for the next episode is spooky, it's Juudai VS Jinzo!? XD And what the hell is up with characters in this series (*Especially the mysterious ones AKA. Titan*) Wear dark trenchcoats and hats O_o;

THIS is the best picture in the preview though :D

w00t! Finally got the Yu-Gi-Oh movie today aswell :D I managed to find it at work and I also got the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon card with it *Runs around happily* that makes up for me not getting one when I went to see the movie at the cinema >(
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