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MONKEYS!!111! :D

Just watched episode 13 of GX...
....MONKEYS!!!!11! XD
Seriously....there was a lot of monkeys.
Hummm and anyone else think this Osiris Red student behind Juudai in this scene is a girl?

Looks like we have our first appearance of an Osiris Red student in the background who isn't male XD
Unless that person is male...

Hey there was a preview for the Yu-Gi-Oh movie at the end of the episode :D YAY! I liked the song playing over it ^^

Ah well review to be done after work tomorrow, probably won't be all too good, I didn't have a clue what was going on it was THAT random XD;;

Daitokuchi and Pharaoh ROCK!

Oh yeah and work sucked today cos it was boring. It was dead from about half five. So I had to go onto replenshiment for the last 4 hours or so of my shift...then the manager I was working with first seemed to get a bit annoyed at me cos I couldn't tell the kitchen towels apart -_-;; C'mon, they're in the exact same packaging and they're at the EXACT same price yet I have to tell them apart by the small little patterns it has on them, WTF? That's the only difference. Then he said something along the lines of "Are you dense or something" (*Can't remember the exact word he used, could have been dense*) then my self estem dropped and I stayed quiet for the rest of the night before he dissapeared and I was moved onto stocking up coffee and tea...
...I spent the rest of the night doing that and wishing I could go home...
I hope tomorrow is better -_-;;

-Hagaren- Your Alchemist Story by Manslayer
Your name:Hisako
You areRussel's neighbor... woooooooow!!
Your alchemist name:Immortal Alchemist
Your biggest skill:You can take control of ennemy's mind. If you do, he or she begin to see horrible things(illusions)
Your interest:Make people suffer
You are friend withYoki
Your ennemy isSloth
Your love interest isAlphonse Elric
Why?:This person would sell his/her miniskirt if you need it!
First date:At Lior during a fight
Your storyline:You're a spy. You work for the Hommunculus! You died a year ago and became later the next Greed.
Put your name here:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Apparently I'm a Homunculus Alchemist who can do genjutsu XD;; Not sure how that works out, but at least my love intrest is Al X3
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