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No Yu-Gi-Oh movie for me....

Man, today I looked all over town for the Yu-Gi-Oh movie. Woolworths was sold out, WHSmiths didn't seem to have it and neither did Tesco >_< Blah that so totally sucks. I guess I COULD try work tomorrow since I'm there anyway (*I thought I wasn't working tomorrow but as it turns out I actually am and I was an idiot and just didn't put it on the Calender for some bizarre reason.*) If work have it I think I'll get it Thursday since I'm not working late that day. Ya know for some bizarre reason I didn't think the store was open it's normal hours tomorrow but apparently it must be -_-;; Blah... oh well...
...I really want to draw right now, but I'm sure there is another a million and one things I should be doing...
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