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Dude! I sleep, I go to work and during that time my GX community starts getting really busy :D *dances* That makes me so happy!! The place now has 13 members and there's two posts which aren't mine! I don't need to spam my community anymore XD;; I really hope it does as well as the yugi_fans community :D
Look at me, I'm all hyper with happiness right now *lol*
I'm glad I continued with the idea to make that place X3
Gonna have to keep an eye on my bandwidth for the background though, since it's quite big in size, but I have other places to host it from if that photobuket account goes down.

Man I'm hungry, I've eaten only one slice of toast and a chocolate bar all day XP And what's worse was that work today was pretty much dead so that was quite boring :p Least I'm off for the next two days and hopefully my mass order of manga from amazon should come during then too, I hope :D

Now to hunt for food~!
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